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The Epsom Derby Betting 2024

The Epsom Derby, held at England’s historic Epsom Downs Racecourse, is one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. It has been an annual tradition since 1780 and attracts some of the best jockeys and horses from around the globe to compete for a whopping £1.5 million prize fund. Every year, thousands flock to this iconic event to witness history being made as they place their bets on who will be crowned champion.

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The Epsom Derby: The Most Prestigious Horse Race in the UK

An Unforgettable Experience

The atmosphere surrounding The Epsom Derby is electric – with excitement building throughout the day until it reaches fever pitch during the main race itself! As well as witnessing top-class racing action, you can also enjoy all kinds of activities such as live music performances, food stalls and betting shops. Furthermore, many people make a day trip out of attending this spectacular spectacle which adds even more fun to proceedings.

Place Your Bets Now!

If you’re looking for a great way to get involved in the thrilling sport of horse racing then look no further than The Epsom Derby; placing your bet on who will take first place could lead to big rewards so why not join in on the action today? With its long-standing traditions, exciting atmosphere and huge potential prizes up for grabs – there’s something for everyone at this premier British sporting event!

History Of The Race

The Epsom Derby, one of Britain’s most prestigious flat races, was first run in 1780. It is a Group 1 contest for three-year-old colts and fillies held annually at Epsom Downs racecourse over a distance of one mile four furlongs and 10 yards. The purse has grown substantially since its inception with the prize money now standing at more than £1 million.

The event attracts some of the finest thoroughbred horses from Europe, as well as top jockeys vying for glory. The roll call of winners reads like an Who’s Who of racing, with names such as Ormonde (1886), St Simon (1884) and Sea Bird II (1965). In recent years Camelot (2012) and Golden Horn (2015) have added their names to this illustrious list.

It remains one of the greatest spectacles in horse racing with huge crowds flocking to Epsom each June to witness history being made before their very eyes. As we move on to look at details about the course itself…

Course Details

The Epsom Derby is a Grade I flat horse race held at the Epsom Racecourse in Surrey, England. It’s open to three-year-old colts and fillies and takes place over 1 mile 4 furlongs (about 2,420 metres). The first running of the event was on May 4th 1780 when it was won by Diomed. Since then, it has become one of the biggest events in British racing history.

For spectators, there are two enclosures offering different experiences. The Grandstand Enclosure provides access to exclusive bars and restaurants as well as grandstand seating for excellent views of the races. For those looking for an even more special experience, hospitality packages can be purchased which include gourmet food and champagne reception areas.

The course itself features sharp turns and undulating terrain making it a challenging prospect for thoroughbreds competing in this prestigious event. This means that only horses with exceptional stamina will succeed here – something which makes winning the derby all the more impressive!

With its rich history and unique layout, the Epsom Derby is one of the most iconic sporting events in Britain – let’s take a look at some of its notable winners…

Notable Winners

The Epsom Derby has seen some of the most famous names in horse racing compete for the prize. Now, let’s take a look at some notable winners since its inception in 1780.


In 1981, Shergar won by an astonishing 10 lengths and set a new race record that still stands today. Sired by Great Nephew, he was trained by Michael Stoute and owned by Aga Khan IV. His winnings totaled £242,937 making him one of the most lucrative horses to ever run in the Epsom Derby.

Sea The Stars

Trained by John Oxx and ridden by Mick Kinane, Sea The Stars became only the fourth Triple Crown winner when taking home first place in 2009 with a time of 2:31.33 minutes. He would later go on to be crowned Champion European Racehorse of 2009 giving his owners even more reason to celebrate their impressive winnings which were worth over £1 million.

With such an illustrious history behind it, this iconic British classic continues to attract many punters from around the world each year who come hoping to share in the spoils of victory – not just bragging rights but also generous prizes money too…

Prize Money

The Epsom Derby is one of the most prestigious horse racing events in Europe and it comes with a hefty prize purse. This year, the total amount of prize money on offer is £1.5 million. The winner will take home an incredible £900,000! That’s enough to make anyone want to race for glory at this iconic event.

Second place will receive £300,000 while third place earns £150,000. Finishers down to sixth place each get a fee of £60,000 or more. So even if you don’t come first there are still plenty of rewards up for grabs.

For those who love betting on horses this is great news – they can have the chance to back their favourite horse and potentially win big if they pick the right horse! With that kind of money available, everyone wants a piece of the action at the Epsom Derby!

With such huge prizes up for grabs, many people look forward to attending this amazing event every year.

Attending The Derby

Attending the Derby is an unforgettable experience. From the moment you arrive at Epsom Downs Racecourse to the final race, it’s a unique atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else in racing. Each year, thousands of spectators come together to witness this historic event and enjoy all that goes along with it.

What to Expect

The Derby often brings out celebrities, royalty and other prominent figures from around the world. Fans will also find plenty of food stands offering delicious fare for those who need sustenance throughout the day’s events. There are even places selling souvenirs so you can remember your visit long after it has ended!


With tickets ranging from £20-£200, attending The Derby doesn’t have to break the bank either. You’ll want to purchase them ahead of time as they tend to sell out quickly – especially on popular days like Oaks Day or Gold Cup Saturday.
As you prepare for your trip to Epsom Downs Racecourse, make sure you take advantage of any latest news and updates about what’s happening before and during the event. This way, you can ensure nothing slips by unnoticed when planning your attendance at this iconic event!

Latest News And Updates

The Epsom Derby is the most prestigious flat race in Europe, drawing a large number of spectators to its course each year. This year’s event promises to be even bigger, with an impressive field of runners set for the 2021 edition. There have been some changes to the format this time around, including a new start date and a reduced prize fund. Here we look at all the latest news and updates ahead of this historic event.

Changes to Format

This year’s race will take place on Saturday 5th June 2021 instead of the usual first weekend in July slot it has held since 1780. The traditional mile-and-a-half distance remains intact but there’s also now an increased emphasis on safety measures due to Covid-19 restrictions. A smaller purse of £500,000 compared to last season’s £1 million has also been announced by organizers.

Big Names Competing

As always, top horses from across Europe are expected to descend upon Epsom Downs Racecourse for what is one of British racing’s biggest days out. Among those names confirmed so far include Aidan O’Brien’s Anthony Van Dyck – runner up in 2019 – as well as John Gosden’s Stradivarius who triumphed back in 2018. All eyes are sure to be on these two incredible animals when they go head-to-head come 5th June 2021! With such strong contenders taking part, punters can expect plenty of excitement surrounding this fixture over the coming months.
With anticipation building towards this iconic contest, let us turn our focus onto key tips for betting on the race.

Tips For Betting On The Race

Now that we have covered the latest news and updates on the Epsom Derby, it’s time to talk about tips for betting on the race. Betting is a big part of horse racing and if you are looking to make some money from this historic event, then here are some important tips:


Do your research before placing any bets. Make sure you know everything there is to know about each horse, including their past performances and current form. Also look at trainer histories, jockey stats and weather conditions. All these things will give you an insight into how likely it is that one particular horse could win or come close to winning the race.

Look Out For Value Bets

Value bets can be found in almost every race but they become even more important when placing wagers on major races like The Epsom Derby. These types of bets tend to offer better odds than other markets so always keep an eye out for them when deciding what type of bet to place.

Money Management

Finally, never forget good money management practices when betting on The Epsom Derby. Always set yourself a budget and stick to it – don’t get carried away by chasing losses or trying to recoup earlier wins with bigger stakes! By following these simple guidelines, you should find success betting on this exciting event. With all this knowledge under your belt, now let’s move onto discussing other races at Epsom Downs…

Other Races At Epsom Downs

The Epsom Derby is not the only race held at the iconic English racetrack. The Oaks Stakes, for three-year-old fillies, takes place on the first day of the meeting and has been running since 1779. It’s one of the British Classics, alongside the 1000 and 2000 Guineas races which are also hosted at Epsom each year. The Coronation Cup, a Group 1 flat race open to horses aged four or older, is considered one of Britain’s most prestigious historic races as it was established in 1902 by King Edward VII to commemorate his coronation.

As well as these classic events there are other important races taking place throughout the season such as The Dash Handicap Race, The Playfair Plate and more recently The Diomed Stakes – named after General John Burgoyne’s famous horse who won both heats of the inaugural running of The Derby back in 1780.

Epsom Downs continues to draw large crowds year after year due to its unique atmosphere and with so many exciting races occurring over its annual fixture list there’s no shortage of action for avid punters. With that said, transition into discussing Legends associated with the Epsom Derby can be made seamlessly.

Legends Associated With The Epsom Derby

The Epsom Derby has been graced by a number of legendary racehorses that have left their mark on the course and in history. From jockeys to trainers, these icons add an extra level of excitement and prestige to the event.


One of the most famous jockeys associated with The Derby was Lester Piggott, who won nine Derbies between 1954 and 1983. A record-breaking achievement! He is remembered as one of the greatest flat racing jockeys ever, having ridden over 4,500 winners during his career. Another renowned rider was Charlie Smirke, who achieved success at Epsom Downs throughout the 1930s and 1940s.


In terms of trainers, Vincent O’Brien was perhaps one of the biggest names associated with The Derby. He trained seven Derby winners between 1957 and 1969 – a feat matched only by Robert Robson in 1802–1806 – including Nijinsky’s win in 1970. Other notable trainers include Henry Custance (who trained two winners), Alec Taylor Jr., Fred Darling, Dick Hern and Bob Baffert (the first American trainer to train a winner).

As well as some remarkable horsemen, The Derby also boasts some incredible horses which have become synonymous with this historic event. Without further ado let’s take a look at some of the most memorable moments in Epsom Derby history… …and the horses that made them happen.

Most Memorable Moments In Epsom Derby History

The Epsom Derby is a prestigious horse race that has been held annually at the Epsom Downs Racecourse since 1780. It’s one of the oldest and most celebrated events in flat racing, and it continues to draw large crowds each year. Throughout its history, there have been some incredible moments that will live on in the minds of many for years to come:

1. The 2015 Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah

In 2015, American Pharoah became only the 12th horse ever to win a triple crown by taking first place at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. He went on to take second place at the Epsom Derby just two months later, making him an even more legendary figure within racing circles.

2. A Dead-Heat Tie Between Three Horses In 1884

During the 19th century running of the event in June 1884, three horses – Harvester, St Blaise and Melton – all finished with identical times after 2400 meters of racing. This resulted in a historic dead-heat tie between them which still stands today as one of the most memorable races ever witnessed at this iconic track.

3. Queen Elizabeth II Becoming First Monarch To Win The Event In 2013

Queen Elizabeth II made history when her colt ‘Aurora’ won the 2013 edition of the event – becoming not only the first monarch but also British owner to do so since its inception over 200 years ago! It was an incredibly proud moment for Her Majesty who had personally overseen much of Aurora’s training leading up to event day.

These are just some of biggest highlights from this illustrious sports competition that people look back fondly upon every year during their visits to Epsom Downs Racecourse. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite runner or simply enjoying watching these majestic creatures perform their best out on track, you can’t help but be amazed by what they achieve time after time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Date Of The 2021 Epsom Derby?

The Epsom Derby has long been one of horse racing’s most prestigious events. Every year, thousands flock to watch and bet on this classic race. But what’s the date for the 2021 edition? It will take place on Saturday 5th June, so mark your calendars!

This historic event was first held back in 1780 at its namesake course, Epsom Downs Racecourse. The original distance was 1 mile & 4 furlongs (roughly 2 km). However, since 1813 it has been extended to a full mile & a half (around 2.4km) – making it one of Britain’s longest flat races.

For those looking to get involved with betting there are plenty of options available to you. You can choose from traditional bookmakers such as William Hill or Ladbrokes; online exchanges like Betfair or Smarkets; or even spread-betting companies like IG Index. Whichever option you go for, make sure that you have done your research before placing any bets!

No matter how you decide to bet, the 2021 Epsom Derby promises to be an exciting day out filled with thrills and spills as jockeys battle it out for glory over two miles of turf at this iconic British venue. So don’t miss out – join us on Saturday 5th June for what is set to be another cracking instalment in this legendary race series.

How Much Do Tickets Cost For The Epsom Derby?

If you’re looking to attend one of the most iconic horse racing events in Europe, then you’ve come to the right place. The Epsom Derby is a thrilling spectacle that attracts thousands of visitors each year – and tickets don’t come cheap! But how much do they cost? We’ll explore this further below.

General Admission Ticket Prices

The general admission ticket prices at the Epsom Derby vary depending on which day you’d like to attend. On Thursday 15th June 2021 (Ladies’ Day), tickets start from £20 for Grandstand Enclosure access or £59 for Club & Queen’s Stand Enclosure access. Friday 16th June (Derby Day) starts from £40 for Grandstand Enclosure access or £79 for Club & Queen’s Stand Enclosure access. Saturday 17th June (Oaks/Coronation Cup Day) starts from just £10 for Grandstand Enclosure access or £59 for Club & Queen’s Stand Enclosure access.

VIP Hospitality Packages

For those who are looking to experience the ultimate racing experience, there are also VIP hospitality packages available at the Epsom Derby. These packages include entry into exclusive hospitality areas, gourmet dining experiences, champagne bars and racecourse betting services – all with an unbeatable view of the trackside action! Prices start from around £239pp per person on Thursday 15th June and range up to over £400pp per person on Saturday 17th June.
So if it’s an unforgettable day out that you’re after, why not upgrade your ticket and take advantage of these amazing offers? With so many options available, there really is something to suit everyone’s budget!

Is There Accommodation Nearby The Epsom Downs Racecourse?

Are you planning to attend the Epsom Derby? If so, then you may be wondering if there is accommodation nearby the Epsom Downs Racecourse. The good news is that there are a number of options available for those looking for comfortable and convenient places to stay!

When it comes to accommodation near the racecourse, here’s what you need to know:

  • Hotels: There are several hotels in close proximity to the racecourse such as Holiday Inn Express Epsom, Premier Inn London Epsom Central, and Premiere Classe Hotel. They offer modern amenities and excellent service at affordable prices.
  • Bed & Breakfasts: For those who prefer a more homely feel, there are plenty of bed & breakfasts located just minutes away from the track. These include Galaxy Guesthouse, Manor House B&B, and Rosemount Guest House.
  • Apartments: Alternatively, why not rent an apartment or holiday cottage for your stay? This will give you maximum flexibility during your visit – giving you access to all of the local attractions without having to worry about finding somewhere else to sleep each night. You’ll also get additional space which can come in handy if travelling with friends or family members.

No matter which type of accommodation you choose, you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience when visiting the Epsom Downs Racecourse. With its stunning views and vibrant atmosphere, this place has something special that draws visitors year after year. Plus, being able to relax in luxurious surroundings while still enjoying all the thrills of horse racing makes staying near the course even better!

So whether you’re looking for a hotel room with modern conveniences or a quaint bed & breakfast tucked away in a quiet corner – make sure you take advantage of all that this area has to offer by booking your accommodation today!

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement To Attend The Epsom Derby?

Are you keen to attend the Epsom Derby? If so, it’s important to know what the minimum age requirement is. It can be confusing trying to figure out who can and cannot enter the racecourse, but luckily we have all the information you need right here!

Age Requirement for Admission

The minimum age required to attend the Epsom Derby is 18 years old. This applies both inside and outside of the racecourse grounds. Anyone under 18 will not be admitted into any areas of the course without a valid ticket or adult guardian. Additionally, anyone over 18 must bring an approved form of identification in order to gain entry.

What Kinds Of Identification Are Acceptable?

Accepted forms of ID include passports, photo driving licenses and proof-of-age cards such as PASS cards that are issued by local authorities. Without one of these IDs, no matter your age, you won’t be allowed access – so make sure you carry one with you at all times when attending events like this!

It’s also worth noting that there are some restrictions on alcohol consumption if you’re aged between 18 and 20 years old; only those 21+ may purchase or consume alcoholic drinks on site. So bear that in mind too before planning your day at The Epsom Derby!

Are There Any Special Events Or Activities Planned For The Epsom Derby?

Are there any special events or activities planned for the epsom derby? Absolutely! The Epsom Derby is set to be one of the most exciting horse racing events this year. Here are just some of the activities and attractions you can expect:

  • A vibrant parade of jockeys, horses and trainers on the eve of race day
  • Live music performances throughout the event
  • An exclusive After Party with champagne reception and more surprises
  • Fun-filled family activities in the dedicated Kids Zone

The Epsom Derby promises an action packed day out for even the most experienced horse racing fans. Get ready for a thrilling atmosphere as over 65,000 people come together to cheer on their favourite jockey. With live commentary from esteemed broadcasters, you won’t miss a beat – follow every twist and turn of this classic sporting event.

This well-established tradition has been running since 1780 so why not join us at The Epsom Downs Racecourse and experience it first hand? Whether you’re looking to bet on your favourite horse or soak up all that’s happening around you, make sure to get involved in this unique opportunity to witness history being made right before your eyes! So don’t delay, purchase your tickets now and prepare yourself for an unforgettable day out at The Epsom Derby!


The Epsom Derby is a thrilling, world-renowned event that draws in crowds from all over the UK and beyond each year. This year’s Derby will take place on 5th June 2021 at the iconic Epsom Downs Racecourse, with tickets starting at £10. There are plenty of accommodation options nearby for those wanting to stay close by for the occasion. The minimum age requirement to attend is 18 years old and there will be special events and activities taking place throughout the day – perfect for racing enthusiasts! So don’t miss out; get your ticket now and join us for this incredible experience!

At the Epsom Derby you can expect an exciting day filled with high stakes betting and edge-of-your seat racing action. Whether you’re looking to back your favourite horse or just soak up the atmosphere, there’s something here for everyone. With so much to see and do, it promises to be a memorable occasion – one that I’m sure you won’t want to miss!

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