Are you looking for a substantial Euro bonus? Do you want the best Euro 2022 odds, or do you want the best Euro 2022 odds? Maybe you’d like to watch Euro 2022 matches on your betting site in real-time? Continue reading to get all of your Euro 2022 betting site questions answered.


The majority of Kenyan betting sites offer Euro 2022 betting, but we’re only interested in the best.


  • Easy navigation and a user-friendly betting site.

  • Kenyan shilings are accepted.

  • M-Pesa and card deposits are among the available options.

  • Live betting, live streaming, cash out, and a bet builder are just some of the betting options available.

  • Up to Ksh as a welcome bonus 5000


  • Best betting odds for Euro 2022

  • Deposits and withdrawals are simple, and the Kenyan shillings are accepted.

  • For live betting, this is a fantastic site.

  • Mobile betting app with a lot of features.

  • New players get a large welcome bonus.


  • The best betting site for live betting

  • Allow for Kenyan shilling transactions, as well as M-Pesa deposits and withdrawals.

  • Several promotions are available for both new and returning customers.

  • New customers receive a 100% welcome bonus.

What are the best ways to bet on the European Championships in 2022?

It’s very simple to place a wager on Euro 2022. The first step is to locate and register with a Euro 2022 betting site. Any of the websites listed in this article can be used. To register with the betting site, simply click the green “Claim” button next to the bookmaker’s name.

Go ahead and deposit some money into the site once you’ve received your new account. Only Euro 2022 betting sites with simple deposit options are recommended. M-Pesa is accepted by the majority of the betting sites in this article.

You’re ready to place your first Euro 2022 bet after funding your account on a Euro 2022 betting site.

Follow the steps below to bet on Euro 2022 matches:

  • Go to your Euro 2022 betting site’s sportsbook and make a wager. To do so, go to the main menu and click “Sports.”

  • From the list of available sports, choose “Football” or “Soccer.”

  • Go to the section of the sportsbook that deals with Euro 2022.

  • Scroll down to the Euro 2022 match you want to bet on, and then click the odds that correspond to your predictions. On the right side of the page, a betslip will record your selections.

  • Go to your betslip and enter your stake once you’ve finished making your selections. Near the bottom of your betslip, you’ll be able to see your potential winnings.

  • Check your predictions one more time before confirming your wagers to ensure that you are satisfied with what you have chosen.

  • Make sure you’re on the right track by double-checking your wagers.

  • You’ve just placed a wager on the Euro 2022 tournament.

Your winnings will be credited to your betting account if your wager is successful. Then you can cash out your winnings and enjoy the fruits of your wagering efforts!

Locating the best betting site for Euro 2022

You must consider several factors before choosing a Euro 2022 betting site. The following are some essential considerations:


A betting website’s usability is critical. Some betting sites are overly crowded and clumsy, with a jumble of menus and wagering options. This makes navigating the betting website extremely difficult.

For newcomers, usability is especially critical. You want a betting site that is simple and easy to use if you are new to online betting.

Betway is Kenya’s easiest-to-use betting site. Betway is also one of the best Euro 2022 betting sites in Kenya, which is a pleasant coincidence.

Open a Betway account today to take advantage of the best Euro 2022 betting opportunities.

Options for depositing

Your Euro 2022 betting site must, without a doubt, accept Kenyan shillings and provide simple deposit options.

You can’t bet on Euro 2022 if you can’t make a deposit. M-Pesa is the easiest way to make a deposit in Kenya.

As a result, picking a Euro 2022 betting site that accepts M-Pesa is extremely important. In Kenya, Betway, Melbet, and 22Bet are just a few of the M-Pesa betting sites available.

You will have no trouble funding your betting account once you sign up for these Euro 2022 betting sites.

Other promotions and bonuses

We spend a lot of money on online betting, so whenever we get a chance to get something for free, we take it!

Some betting sites are generous with their bonuses and promotions, offering us free bets, cashback, price increases, and a variety of other attractive deals.

These are obviously the types of websites with which we enjoy doing business. The welcome bonus is the first bonus offered by a betting site.

The type of welcome bonus a site offers is often a good indicator of its generosity. A Euro 2022 betting site should, in theory, not only provide a generous welcome bonus, but also a plethora of Euro 2022 betting specials.

What is the best Euro 2022 betting bonus?

It’s not only about the size of the bonus when it comes to a terrific welcome bonus; it’s also about the bonus’s wagering requirements.

When you consider the wagering restrictions, some bonuses look excellent at first glance but aren’t worth the bother. Some sportsbooks have wagering criteria that are nearly impossible to achieve.

We looked at the many welcome bonuses available in Kenya and discovered the following to be the best:

  1. Betway

  1. 22Bet

  1. Betwinner

Chances to win Euro 2022

The Euro 2022 betting odds on your betting sites are another thing to keep an eye on. On the surface, betting odds appear to be quite consistent across all betting sites, but a closer examination reveals minor discrepancies amongst bookmakers’ odds.

We don’t expect you to scour all of Kenya’s Euro 2022 betting sites for the greatest odds. All of the hard work has already been done for you!

Euro 2022 Betting Odds at 22Bet

22Bet will help you get the most out of your Euro 2022 wagers.

22Bet is a legitimate soccer betting platform. They are among Kenya’s top performers. As a result, it’s no surprise that they provide some of the most competitive Euro 2022 betting odds. In the Kenya market, they have the best odds.

22Bet is the betting site to use if you want to optimize your Euro 2022 bet winnings.

22Bet offers a generous first-time deposit bonus.

As if the huge Euro 2022 odds weren’t enough, 22Bet also has one of Kenya’s most generous welcome bonuses. New customers receive a generous 100% welcome bonus up to Ksh. 18000. That should cover the majority of your Euro 2022 wagering costs!

Betting odds on Euro 2022

The enjoyment you get from Euro 2022 betting is mostly determined by the betting markets. Some bookmakers are so dull that they just provide standard bets like three-way betting and goals betting.

Signing up on these sites is fine, but if you want the finest Euro 2022 betting experience, we recommend going somewhere else!

A Euro 2022 bookmaker should, in theory, cover all of the tournament’s games and offer a diverse selection of betting options.

The Euro 2022 betting platform should include not just fundamental betting choices like goals betting, but also more dynamic alternatives like corner betting, fouls, shots, cards, substitutions, and individual player betting.

You should be able to wager on how many goals Cristiano Ronaldo or Kylian Mbappe will score in a specific match, for example. Euro 2022 betting is a lot more interesting and engaging with options like these.

Melbet- Euro 2022 betting site with diverse betting markets

Melbet has some incredible Euro 2022 markets.

Melbet is Kenya’s most popular sportsbook, as well as the country’s largest Euro 2022 market.

Melbet offers a massive Euro 2022 betting market.

All of the Euro 2022 matches are available on the market, as well as a wide range of betting choices.

Melbet offers over 1000 betting choices for each Euro 2022 match. Melbet offers a wide variety of betting options, including double chance, corner kicks, cards, and shots.

It’s unlikely that you’ll discover the choice elsewhere if it’s not offered on Melbet.

So, if you enjoy experimenting with new betting choices, Melbet is the place to go. The fantastic Euro 2022 selection on the website will wow you.

Melbet’s analysis

What makes Melbet so appealing to Kenyans?

Melbet ticks numerous boxes for Kenyan gamblers, in addition to having a massive sportsbook. They accept our currencies and provide the most convenient deposit options available. Melbet accepts a multitude of deposit methods.

Melbet offers a generous welcome bonus to Kenyan gamers. You’ll get a 200 percent first deposit bonus when you sign up, with a maximum bonus of Ksh. 20,000. That’s a great way to get your Euro 2022 betting journey started.

Betting odds for Euro 2022

Online sports betting has progressed beyond placing pre-match wagers and waiting for the results of your wagers. Betting entails a lot more.

Several betting elements have been introduced to the adventure over the years. Thanks to the live betting feature, you can now bet on matches that have already begun, as well as watch live matches on your betting website. The live streaming function makes this possible.

You may also use the cash-out tool to stop betting and withdraw your money before the end of a match.

Other elements, like bet builders, odds increases, and others, all work together to make online sports betting more immersive.

So, if you’re looking for a bookmaker to bet on Euro 2022, go for one with these fantastic characteristics!

What are the finest betting features for Euro 2022?

Betting sites cannot possibly include all of the betting options, but they must have the bare minimum, such as cash out and live betting.

After reviewing all of Kenya’s Euro 2022 betting sites, we discovered the following three to offer the finest betting features:

Live betting, payout, live streaming, and a bet builder are all available at Betway.

Live betting, cash out, improved odds, and live streaming are all available at Betwinner.

22Bet offers live betting, cash out, accumulator competitions, and increased odds.

Live betting sites for Euro 2022

Sports betting has evolved into a vital component. Indeed, some bettors contend that live betting is more profitable than pre-match betting.

They claim that live bets are more profitable since bettors may put wagers based on what is happening in the game.

Matches in the Euro 2022 tournament are typically dramatic and unpredictable.

You can react to in-game developments and place live bets as a result of choosing a solid live betting service.

Take a match between Portugal and Germany, for example. If Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal receives a red card during the game, the German team gains a substantial advantage. As a result, you can react by making a rapid live bet on Germany to win the game.

The live betting function is currently available on most betting sites in Kenya, but Betwinner stands out as the best.

Betwinner provides the best Euro 2022 live betting experience by providing a wide range of Euro 2022 live betting options and live betting facilities such as virtual live feeds and cash out.

Outright wagers on Euro 2022

Do you have a prediction for who will win the Euros? Or will it be the player who scores the most goals at the World Cup? In the outrights section of your Euro 2022 betting site, you can wager on alternatives like that.

Check out these three websites for the finest Euro 2022 outright markets:

  • Betway

  • 22Bet

  • 1xBet

Betway, in particular, offers a large number of outright betting options. You can wager on the tournament winner, group winners, teams reaching the semi-finals, and a variety of other outcomes.

Apps to bet on Euro 2022

We won’t be glued to our computers or laptops for the duration of the Euros. We may be on the road at times and in the bar at other times.

For the Euros, you’ll need a great betting app.

To be able to place bets anytime you want, you will need a reputable Euro 2022 betting app. You can place live bets and cash out whenever you want with a reputable betting app, regardless of what time it is or where you are.

Which betting app is the best for Euro 2022?

Sign up for betwinner and download the app if you want the greatest mobile experience for Euro 2022.

Betting on the go is a breeze with the Betwinner Kenya app. The program has a lovely design that creates a pleasant betting environment, and the betting features are excellent.

It’s ideal for live betting, cashing out, deposits, withdrawals, and any other type of betting transaction.

Install the betwinner app on your mobile device.

What is the procedure for obtaining a Euro 2022 betting app?

By clicking on the download link on the betting site, you can get a Euro 2022 betting app. A download link for the app, as well as for instructions for downloading it, can be found in the mobile part of a Euro 2022 betting site.

Can I use the betting app to make a withdrawal?

Yes, just like on a desktop or laptop, you can pay out your betting app. In truth, the greatest betting apps function in the same way that the best betting sites do. On your betting app, you may place live bets, watch live matches, deposit money, withdraw money, and do everything else.

Predictions for Euro 2022

Which country will take home the title of Euro 2022 champion?

Portugal won the last European Championships in 2016, defeating France in the final, and both countries are favourites to win it again this year.

With Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes, Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva, and teenagers like Pedro Neto joining Cristiano Ronaldo in a dangerous forward line, the Portuguese are perhaps stronger than they were five years ago.

Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann lead a ferocious frontline for the French. France has gone on to become world champions after losing in the Euro 2016 final against Portugal. They won the title in Russia in 2018.

Former winners Spain and Germany are also expected to be there, while England has an intriguing youthful side capable of winning the tournament.

Euro 2022 live streaming betting sites

If you’re looking for a place to watch Euro 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Why not register for Euro 2022 live streaming on a betting site?

There aren’t many betting sites in Kenya that offer live streaming, but we do know of a few that are excellent.

The greatest live streaming betting service in the world, bet365, is at the top of the list, with betway and Melbet following closely after.

You do not have to pay a lot of money to watch Euro 2022 live streaming on any of these websites.

You will be able to watch and enjoy all of the matches once you have registered and made a deposit.

Kenyan betting sites: Frequently Asked Questions

After reviewing all of Kenya's Euro 2022 betting sites, we discovered that 22Bet offers the best Euro 2022 odds for Kenyans. With 22Bet, you can rest assured that your Euro 2022 bets will be worth the most.

Are you looking for a bonus for Euro 2022? Betway and Melbet are two of the best options. These sites not only have great welcome bonuses for Kenyan players, but they also have some really cool tournament promotions. So, while you're enjoying these sites' fantastic betting options, you'll also be able to take advantage of some great Euro 2022 bonuses!

It is very simple to make a deposit at a Euro 2022 betting site. For Kenyan players, all of the sites we've recommended in this article have simple deposit options. The majority of them accept Kenyan shillings and M-Pesa as payment methods.

You can choose any of the following betting sites for quick and easy deposits:

  • Betway

  • 22Bet

  • Betwinner

Yes, betting on Euro 2022 is a viable way to make money.

Making money from online sports betting, however, necessitates a lot of luck. You must also devote a significant amount of time to research and familiarise yourself with the teams and players on which you are betting. This will assist you in making more accurate predictions for Euro 2022.

There aren't many sites that offer live streaming, but the following are the best Euro 2022 betting sites in Kenya:

  • Bet365

  • Melbet

In Kenya, we've come across a number of excellent Euro 2022 live betting sites, but we believe betwinner is the best of them all. Betwinner offers a variety of live betting options as well as useful live betting tools such as in-game stats and virtual live feeds. They also offer some of Kenya's best live betting odds for the Euro 2022 tournament.

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