In this article, you will learn how to deposit money on a betting site with Airtel Money in Kenya!

What Is Airtel’s Money Benefits?

Airtel is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to deposit money at the many sportsbooks and online casinos in Kenya,

Airtel Money is a Kenyan mobile payment method that offers more than just convenience to its users. They also offer very competitive transfer rates.

Airtel Money is the cheapest way to deposit money on betting sites in Kenya!

Airtel is less popular than the mobile money pioneer in Kenya known as M-Pesa, and they know it, so they are trying to compete in other ways.

They do this by offering competitive prices and increasing convenience for users.



  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Payments arrive instantly
  • No need bank card & bank account


  • Less common than M-Pesa (but Airtel users can still send money to M-Pesa users and vice versa).
  • Not accepted by some international betting sites like Bet365.

Common Questions About Airtel Money

Many of you have come to us with questions about how to deposit Airtel Money on betting sites. Here we will answer some of the most common questions we receive.

Airtel Money Deposit arrives instantly at your preferred betting site!

You will be able to stake your funds a few seconds after you complete your deposit.

After making a deposit, you will receive a transaction confirmation text informing you that your transaction was successful.

Yes, most betting sites will give you a welcome bonus โ€“ regardless of the deposit method you use!

Yes, Airtel Money is completely safe to use. They are a multi-national telecommunications company with worldwide activities and headquartered in India. They have a great reputation and an unbeatable track record for providing high-quality service to all their customers. So you can be sure your money is safe in Airtel's hands!

Yes, you can withdraw money from betting sites with Airtel Money. This is really great because it means you can access your money very quickly (usually almost instantaneously).

The truth is: Airtel Money and M-Pesa each have their own advantages. M-Pesa is used by a large part of the population, allowing you to send money very cheaply to a large number of people. But Airtel Money recently cut their transfer fees and increased their daily transaction limit to Ksh. 150,000. So as you know, there are definitely advantages to both solutions.

But in the end, the two are very similar, and we highly recommend both. So go ahead and unlock which one suits you best ๐Ÿ‘

No, you do NOT need a bank account to use Airtel Money. This is what makes Airtel Money such a great solution. You avoid having to deal with banks, which, to be honest, are very slow and inefficient at what they do. So go ahead and create your Airtel Money account today, and avoid the bank!

How to Deposit on Betting Sites With Airtel Money?

Making a deposit on a betting site with Airtel Money is simple, cheap, and fast.

We recommend every Kenyan player to deposit their bets with Airtel Money (M-Pesa is also good, but Airtel is actually cheaper).

Why Deposit With Airtel?

Still, wondering why you need to deposit with Airtel Money? Imagine the following scenario:

Real Madrid is playing at home against a struggling mid-table team.

A defensive error saw them concede a goal, and there was just over an hour of action remaining.

Your betting site offers odds of 1.35 in the goals market, and one goal from Madrid will win you this bet.

A quick payout solution will allow you to stake the market for a 35% profit-making opportunity, and this is what Airtel Money gives you.

With Airtel Money, your money will be available on betting sites in seconds!

So how do you start using Airtel Money to bet in Kenya? We will tell you all about it.

Here is a simple guide that shows you how to deposit using Airtel money on betting sites in Kenya.

Step 1: Create Airtel Money Account

If you already have an Airtel sim card registered with an active Airtel Money account, you can skip this step.

To create an Airtel account, you need an Airtel sim card. It can be purchased throughout Kenya at Airtel stores and retailers.

You will need your identification document to register your new Airtel account. The Airtel agent will ask for an original copy of your identity card.

Is there a fee to get an Airtel number?

No โ€“ Airtel sim card is free, and so is registration, but you have to top up your credit with an airtime voucher worth Ksh. 50 so that the agent can start activating your sim card.

When your Airtel account is ready, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation. This is usually instant.

The next step is to sign up for Airtel Money, and it is a mobile money service that allows you to transfer funds or make payments from your sim card wallet.

Like sim card registration, signing up for Airtel Money is free. As soon as your Airtel sim card is activated, you can ask the Airtel agent to open the mobile wallet for you.

Once the agent is done, you can activate your Airtel Money account from the Airtel app on your phone. You do this by launching the Airtel app, clicking activates, setting your pin, and you’re good to go!

Step 2: Fund Your Airtel Money Account

Now that you have an Airtel Money account, you are one step closer to making your first deposit at your favorite betting site.

To transfer money with Airtel, you need some money in your Airtel wallet.

So, take the cash that you want to deposit in your Airtel wallet and give it to the agent at the Airtel shop. He will then deposit it for you, and you will receive an SMS confirming your deposit.

Add money to your Airtel wallet through free agents!

Alternatively, you can add funds to your Airtel wallet by transferring funds from an existing mobile wallet such as M-Pesa or T-Kash.

Airtel Money Transaction Limit

Airtel has a daily transaction limit.

The maximum transaction you can make in one day is Ksh. 150,000.

It should cover most people’s daily needs.

Setting up an Airtel Money account and depositing money into it is easy.

Completing these first 2 steps will only take you 15 minutes when you visit an Airtel shop.

Let’s go to step 3 and deposit some of that money at your favorite betting site!

Step 3: Deposit Money On A Betting Site

Now that you have an Airtel Money account topped up with cash, you are ready to make your first deposit at the betting site.

Be sure to join a betting site that accepts Airtel Money.

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