Caledon Casino

Caledon Casino is a popular casino located in the Western Cape of South Africa. It offers a variety of casino games, slot machines, restaurants, bars, attractions, and hotel accommodations. The casino is equipped with over 300 slot machines of different denominations and 8 table games, including progressive jackpot slots. Visitors can enjoy a variety of restaurants, from casual menus to fine dining, as well as a spa with Natural Warm Mineral Baths and other treatments. With 95 rooms, the Caledon Hotel is also available for visitors who want to stay and enjoy access to the spa and fitness center. is a trusted site for online casino gaming tailored for South African players, providing information on online gambling sites and the reader’s responsibility to understand local online gambling rules and laws. Caledon Casino is an ideal destination for both seasoned and novice players looking for an enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience.

Games and Slots

The Caledon Casino offers a variety of casino games and slot machines, including over 300 slot machines with different denominations, 8 table games, and progressive jackpot slots. Players can enjoy stepper reels, video poker, and multi-bet slots, as well as classic table games such as roulette, blackjack, and Raise ’em Poker. The Salon Prive caters to high-stakes players with impeccable service. The casino also offers a range of attractions, from Natural Warm Mineral Baths to the Victorian bath house, as well as ongoing events and live shows. With its convenient location in the Western Cape, the Caledon Casino provides a perfect destination for gaming and leisure.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars offer a range of dining options, from casual to fine dining. The Caledon Casino has three restaurants, a lounge bar, and a satellite bar. The Blue Crane serves buffet dinners and weekend lunches. The Black Sheep Diner has an a la carte menu. The Da Vinci offers light meals and is family-friendly. The Lounge Bar and Satellite Bar offer light meals and drinks. The Lounge Bar has stunning views of the Swartberg Mountains.

Restaurant Service
The Blue Crane Buffet/Weekend
The Black Sheep A La Carte
The Da Vinci Light Meals
The Lounge Bar Light Meals
The Satellite Light Meals

Spa and Attractions

Spa facilities and attractions are available at the Caledon Casino location. Natural Warm Mineral Baths, Rain Spa, and Victorian bath house offer a variety of pampering experiences. Guests can also enjoy ongoing events and live shows throughout the year.The Rain Spa provides a unique experience with hot and cold water and water jets. The Victorian bath house is a historic attraction. There are also Play Station room, Wonderland Games Arcade, Movie Room and Twinkles Creche for kids. The Caledon Museum is one of the local historical attractions.The Elgin Valley Wine Route and Cape Country Meander Route are popular in the area. They provide a great opportunity for guests to explore the breathtaking landscapes and enjoy excellent wines.

Hotel and Location

Accommodation is available at the hotel, which offers 95 spacious rooms in a garden setting. It has a sparkling pool and free access to the spa and fitness center. The Caledon Casino is located in the Western Cape and is known for its historic attractions such as the Caledon Museum. It offers a variety of casino games and slot machines, including over 300 slot machines with different denominations. The casino also has 8 table games, including roulette, blackjack, and Raise ’em Poker. The Elgin Valley Wine Route and Cape Country Meander Route are popular attractions in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement for gambling at Caledon Casino?

The minimum age requirement for gambling is 18 years old. Players must provide valid identification to prove their ages.

Does the casino offer any promotions or discounts?

Caledon Casino offers promotional discounts and bonuses to its customers. These can include cash bonuses, free spins, and other rewards. Customers should check the casino’s website for details on the latest promotions.

Are there any special events or tournaments held at the casino?

The casino offers special events and tournaments throughout the year, including live shows and progressive jackpot slots.

Does the casino offer a loyalty program for frequent players?

Yes, many casinos offer loyalty programs for frequent players. These programs often reward customers with points that can be redeemed for rewards such as cash back, free play, or discounts on meals and hotel stays.

Is there a dress code for the casino?

Yes, most casinos have a dress code in place that requires guests to dress in a neat and presentable manner. This usually includes no ripped or torn clothing, no beachwear, and closed-toe shoes.

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