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“BetKing is dedicated to serving its patrons with their demand of having a sports betting platform and at the same time fulfilling its social responsibilities by offering job opportunities to the Nigerians by making them Kingmakers.” 


Sports betting is a huge deal in Nigeria. In fact, it is one of the largest industries in the country. Nigerians both love gambling and sports; thus, the popularity of sports gambling. With more emphasis on football, sports gambling is one of the favorite past times of the people. This interest led to a demand for more presence of sports books and bookmakers that would be accessible for punters.

BetKing does not only serve its betting platform via online but also made it accessible to those who do not own their computers or gadgets and for those who simply do not know how to use the platform but want to place their bets anyway. Today, a lot of BetKing shops are appearing everywhere to serve this demand.

Not only do these bookmakers provide an avenue for punters to serve for their interests in gambling, land-based bookmakers provide additional jobs and businesses for the people. This has been a social responsibility that BetKing has been dedicated to. It has been dedicated to changing the face of sports betting with its initiatives that improve the society it serves. In fact, BetKing envisions creating over 4000 jobs by the end of 2018 by offering job opportunities to the Nigerians by making them Kingmakers.

Betting on BetKing Shop

BetKing Shops are everywhere in Nigeria. With sports betting being a popular wagering activity, more and more BetKing-shops are appearing anywhere where it is permitted. Physical betting shops make sports betting more accessible to people. These shops have also become a source of business and job opportunity to many Nigerians by being one of the betting agents and BetKing shop owners. BetKing-shops are accessible anywhere in the city. However, you can always access the BetKing website online by using your personal computer or mobile phone.

There is actually a great advantage in betting online since there is no need to take a trip just to place your bets, also you can monitor your odds in real time online. The odds are also guaranteed since the odds you see are exactly what you get, unlike on shops where the odds can be lower since there are better odds when you bet earlier.

BetKing-Shops provide a playground for Kingmakers. BetKing-Shops are equipped with cashiers, computers, thermal printers, generator or power supply, and stable internet connection which are all part of the shop in order to serve customers who want to place their wager on sports events.

BetKing shop

Becoming a BetKing Agent

The great thing about BetKing is that not only it serves well the demand of the people for an efficient sports betting platform, it also provides opportunities for ordinary people to become agents and become part of the Kingmakers. Becoming their agent rewards the best commission structure. BetKings’s agency program is built based on experience and the brand has since become a well-known name in the sports betting industry.

Here are the requirements if you want to become a successful BetKing Agent:

  1. Select the right location

Choose an area that is busy. A good location in a popular area means that there is a greater opportunity for a potential market. You need to be able to have a shop that could fit at least a minimum of 5 cashiers and accommodate of visitors who would want to place a bet on your shop.

  1. Good Working Computers or Laptop and TV

BetKing requires aspiring shop owners to have at least 3 good laptops and 2 TV sets that will be used to set up the betting shop. The shop needs to be able to set a platform for punters to bet and set up live and visual games for players to watch.

  1. Thermal Printers and A4 Printer for Printing Fixtures

The thing about betting in shops is that punters will be given a bet ticket. The thermal printers are for printing bet tickets while the A4 printer will be used to print the fixtures that will be posted on a notice board so that the bettors know their fixed odds and the games they bet on.

  1. A Fast and Stable Internet Connection

Having a reliable and stable internet connection is what will keep the shop running well. You need to be able to have a stable internet connection that is fast enough to please your customers with fast betting service. With this, a 4G WIFI wireless modem will enable to distribute the fast connection to all laptops and gadgets connected to your WIFI.

  1. Power Supply and Generator

A good power supply and generator to power up all appliance and equipment are needed to keep things running for efficient betting operations on your shop.

  1. Distance Between Other BetKing Agent and Shops

BetKing requires at least 10 minutes walking distance between other BetKing-shops. This will make the market fair between BetKing-shops. After all, business is business.

BetKing bonus

Benefits of Becoming a BetKing Agent

Becoming a BetKing agent and owning a shop definitely offers great benefits for business per se. First of, BetKing, despite being a newly established bookmaker company, has gained its reputation in the industry. Because of this, there is definitely a sure market.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from BetKing:

  • Competitive odds on sports ( with odds up to 10,000 on correct score)
  • Fast Payment within 24 hrs
  • Weekly and Monthly Bonus on turnover
  • Up to 170% multiplier bonus (on online games)
  • Free Equipment and Installation (banner, decoder, dish, and virtual installation only)
  • Low starting capital
  • Efficient Customer Support Team (phone, mail, and live chat support)

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BetKing Shops are definitely a great business to run in Nigeria since people are into sports betting. BetKing shop provides great opportunities not only for punters to have an efficient and dedicated sports betting platform but also to the rest of the people in Nigeria by providing jobs related to what they enjoy.