Betting Sites with Welcome Bonus in Nigeria

A bonus is one of the best incentives you can get from any betting platform. Bookmakers offer these for many reasons in Nigeria. Among those you can get in Nigeria are welcome bonuses or free bets.

They offer these to newcomers to lure in prospects and help them enjoy an easy start to life on the site. These bonuses may have some complexities for new players. So, we have explained how to get them, use them, and get the best from them below.

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Betting Sites in Nigeria With the Best Bonuses

Most of the big-name betting sites in Nigeria have unique welcome bonuses, and we have explained them below.


1xb min

The 1xbet welcome offer is a 200% match of your first deposit. You should sign up and deposit at least 400 Naira to get the bonus. After the deposit, you will get the bonus automatically.

Each punter must claim it 30 days after registering with them and use it within 30 days or the site will revoke the bonus and winnings. The wagering requirement for half of it is five times on accumulator games. The remaining half is 30 times on 1xGames.


bet9ja 1024x538 1

Here, you will enjoy a 100% first deposit match bonus up to 100,000 Naira and a 50% casino bonus of up to 50,000 Naira. To get hold of this bonus, you must sign up and make a minimum deposit of 100 Naira. The offer is for one person, one phone number, one email address, and one household address.


betway casino intro

Betway delivers a 100% match bonus. To get this, you must make a minimum deposit of 100 Naira and bet ten times the initial deposit amount. The maximum bonus amount is 100,000. For example, if you deposit 100 Naira here, you will get 100 Naira bonus. Here, you must meet the play-through before you get the offer.


22bet online betting companies in the world 1 2
22bet online betting companies in the world 1 2

They offer a 100% first deposit match welcome bonus up to 50,000 Naira. You can gain this with a minimum deposit of at least 400 Naira, and you will get the bonus automatically. You cannot transfer this to another account when you have it. You must wager the free bets bonus five times on accumulator games before you can cash out.



Betbonanza gives a 100% welcome bonus up to 100,000 Naira, plus 50 free spins for the Cash Bonanza casino game. You can gain this with the code FIRST100 while signing up. There is no initial deposit rule, so you can deposit any amount to get the best free bets.

What Is a Welcome Bonus?

One of the most popular features of sports betting is free bets. These bonuses play a very prominent role in sports betting sites in Nigeria. How these free bets get to the punters does not matter. The variations between them are also inconsequential, but the important thing is that punters and bookmakers value them so much.

The best betting sites in Nigeria have the common practice of giving a 100% welcome bonus. Here, the customer gets back the exact value of their first deposit as a welcome bonus. Their counterparts in other parts of the world also do this.

So, when they deposit a certain amount, they get the same amount in free bets as the welcome bonus. It doubles what punters have to wager on sporting events.

The Definition of Welcome Bonus

We can define the welcome bonus as a gift or a sign of appreciation from bookmakers to new customers. They offer this as a free bet for signing up on their website. Most bookmakers will offer you a free bet when you open an account with them. Many may even call it a registration bonus, a sign-up bonus, or a first deposit bonus.

The welcome bonus comes in different forms, with varying terms and conditions. Betting sites in Nigeria like 1xbet and bet9ja offer these welcome bonuses to please the customers and buy their loyalty. With the offers, they get the punters to stick with them.

The platforms advertise these free bets in a way that will capture the punters’ attention and lure them to their site. With this incentive, they push customers to create new accounts, boosting and increasing betting activities in the process.

The welcome bonus also makes punters feel appreciated and gives them a sense of belonging. Many such free bets are available on betting sites in Nigeria. It is difficult for you to see one that does not offer free bets.

All you need is to search and see what they offer. If it pleases you, you should go ahead and register with them.  If not, you keep looking.

Why Betting Sites in Nigeria Offer Welcome Bonuses

There are many simple reasons why you will get a free bet offer upon registering with a betting site here. However, these reasons will always lead to one principle, and that principle is hospitality.

These sites use free bets to welcome new players and integrate them into their systems. That is what we see on the surface as the reason for these free bets or deposit bonuses.

However, the underlying reason is deeper than that. The number of bookmakers keeps growing by the day. This increase is obtainable in Nigeria and other parts of the world. It results in many betting sites seeking to attract the same bettors.

You have to offer something different to make yourself more attractive as a bookmaker and lure in these prospects. So, the welcome bonus in betting sites in Nigeria is a business or marketing strategy first.

These free bets work as baits to capture the attention and catch the fancy of the players. It lures customers to create new betting accounts.

Benefits of Welcome Bonuses to Punters

There are many reasons why experts advise punters to pounce on those free bets that the welcome bonuses come with and maximize them. They are coming freely to you based on an action you took on the site, so you should embrace them for many reasons. They include:

A free bet gives you some extra cash to bet on games as you begin your betting adventure in any of the Nigerian sites.

The bonuses will offer you a solid financial base for your betting journey on the web.

The welcome bonus delivers the freedom to get into new territories and explore and study trends and features of betting without losing your money.

It also gives you the chance to explore the betting site itself, try different features and types of bets, and understand their workings without the risk of losing money.

Free bets give punters the chance to take risks and wager on teams that they are ordinarily not confident on staking. You lose nothing if it fails because you are betting with bonus funds.

How to Choose the Best Welcome Bonuses in Nigeria

We have talked about why betting sites in Nigeria offer welcome bonuses to new punters. We have also explained the benefits of these free bets to people that get them. We will now talk about understanding the best welcome bonus to opt-in for.

This is imperative because you have the right to opt-in or reject a welcome bonus. This, in turn, is because not all these free bets are good for you. They may look attractive on the surface but may not offer the value you need from them. To pick or opt-in for a welcome bonus in betting sites in Nigeria, you should check the following features and be sure that they will favor you.

Qualifying Conditions or Deposits

For all the welcome bonuses available in Nigerian betting sites, there are some conditions you must meet to be eligible for each. You must study the terms and conditions and see if the offer is still good for you.

For some, you only need to create an account with the site, and a free bet will be yours straightaway, without further action.

Some of the signup offers will only come after you make the first deposit in the casino. These will become yours immediately after the deposit. Here, the amount to deposit to qualify for it matters too.

For some others, you may need to make the deposit and place the first set of bets before you qualify for the offer. You should check and see the conditions, and pick the ones you prefer.

The Size of the Bonus

You will always want to know the amount of bonus you are getting. There is the tendency to believe that the bigger the better here. But that is not true in welcome bonuses in Nigerian betting sites.

You have to consider the size of the bonus alongside other t cs to understand its actual value. The percentage and maximum bonus amount are essential things to check here. The terms and conditions surrounding them also determine their value.

A 100% deposit match of up to 10,000 Naira may be better than a 200% deposit match bonus of up to 20,000 Naira. This will depend on the play-through requirement. Study these things alongside the volume of free bets you are getting before picking one.

Wagering Requirements

Another thing to consider when you want to pick the welcome bonus is the wagering requirement. All these free bets from betting sites with welcome bonuses in Nigeria come with these requirements. They determine the value of the bonus offers.

It stipulates the number of times you have to use the bets before you cash out the offer or winnings from it. The free bet offer can be a 10,000 naira bonus with an X5 wagering requirement. It can be a 20,000 naira bonus with an X30 wagering requirement.

When you consider these two cases, you will see that the 10,000 Naira welcome bonus has more value. It also has more free bets than the second. This is what you should consider before you decide to opt-in for any offer from any casino in Nigeria.

Game Requirements

Some welcome bonuses also come with restrictions on the types of games you can use them on. This is to say that the platform may not permit you to use the free bets on some sporting events or markets. You should study where a free bet is allowed to get the best. Be sure that it includes the sport, events, games you like. They must allow it on the market you prefer to bet.

Odds Requirements

Some sites also stipulate the size of the odds on the market you must wager on before you get the type of welcome bonus that requires first bets. However, almost all of them have some odds requirements for these bonus offers.

Some may say that you can only use a free bet on games or markets with odds of a particular size to be eligible. You should also study this and understand it before you decide to opt-in. Choose, only if you can keep these t cs.

Validity Period

These bonuses are not valid forever, so you need to study the stipulated validity periods on the offers. If you get a bonus of 10,000 with a three days validity period and 5,000 with one month validity period, the latter may be the best for you.

It gives you time to pick out the best events to wager the money. Your favorite and profitable events may not be available within the short period that the first will last. So, you should check the validity period of a free bet before you jump in.

Types of Welcome Bonuses in Betting Sites in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are four prevalent types of welcome bonuses. In line with what is obtainable in other areas, the different types of free bets are also the most common in Nigeria, and they include;

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus is what the players get from a betting site once they sign up. It does not need any further action apart from signing up. Here, you should expect small amounts of money like 500 Naira or 1000 naira.

They get to players for bets without any qualifying deposit or action. That is why they are usually small in size. They also do not come with lots of conditions.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit Bonuses are perhaps the most popular of all welcome bonuses. These casinos not only use them to lure players to their site, but they also use them to get punters to deposit and start betting.

This mostly comes as a reward of a certain percentage of the amount you deposit first. The commonest deposit bonus in Nigerian betting sites comes after the first deposit. Here, bookmakers will give you a 100% match of whatever you paid in, up to a certain amount.

Some may make it 100% of your first deposit up to 5,000 or 10,000. However, before you can enjoy this, you must make your initial deposit.

The initial deposit is usually a minimum of 500 Naira or 1,000 Naira. It rewards you according to what you deposit. However, it could be any percentage apart from the prevalent 100%.

Refunded Bet

The refunded bet is another type of offer that you can get as a new player in Nigerian sites. You get this bonus when you make the first deposit and place the first bet.

You only get a refund if you lose your first ever bet on the website. They will refund you the amount you staked on the bet you lost.  That is to help you forget the unlucky start you may get off to in their site. It tries to turn your unlucky day into a lucky day and is usually around 50,000 naira maximum in Nigeria.

Free Bets

The next welcome gift from sites that offer sports betting in Nigeria is free bets. It has some semblance with the refunded bet, though a bit simpler.

Some platforms will offer you a certain amount of free bets when creating an account with them.  However, this may come with some conditions. One of such conditions is to place a qualifying bet to get this.

Some bookmakers will give you this free bet when you lose your first bet, while others will give you irrespective of the outcome of your first bet. However, unlike the refunded bet, this is not a refund of the amount you staked on your first attempt.

One thing to note is that every betting company in Nigeria is unique and can carve out and design their welcome bonus as they wish. Because of this, you may encounter some other forms of welcome gifts apart from the ones we have mentioned above. They are still valid because our list cannot be exhaustive in matters like this.

How to Get Welcome Bonuses

You can get these bonuses through varying processes depending on their types and the platform that offer them. The easiest way to get one is to create an account on a bookmaking site.

When your account is ready, you should opt-in for the offer if there is a provision for that. If that is not the case, you get it directly from the site if they offer a no deposit bonus.

However, for the first deposit bonus, you should go ahead and make the qualifying deposit. They may also have a code for this bonus, or you can get to the cashier to demand it. Some others will credit your account once they receive the first deposit.

If it is the refunded bonus or the free bets, you will need to go ahead and bet. Once you place the qualifying bet and lose it, they will refund you based on the type of bonus.  You may need to also opt-in for this. If not, they will send the free bets directly, whether you opted in or not.

How to Use the Welcome Bonuses in Nigerian Betting Sites

When you get the bonuses or free bets, the next thing that will come to your mind is how to maximize them. The best way to do this is to read the entire terms and conditions first. Here, you will learn the games that will offer you more value with the bonus.

It will teach you how much time you have to enjoy the bonus. It will also educate you on the eligible games for the bonus. The wagering requirement is also listed there, including the validity period.

After reading and assimilating all these requirements, you will have a clear course of action. Get down to betting on the best opportunities with the bonus, and you will make the best from it.

Terms and Conditions of the Welcome Bonuses

There are some universal terms and conditions for these initial bonuses. If you get a welcome bonus from a Nigerian betting site, you will have these terms and conditions to contend with. To get the best of these gifts, you must understand these terms and keep them.

This offer comes only once. So, you can only claim it once on a site, except in some circumstances.

The first deposit type needs a qualifying deposit for you to gain it

You should make the first bet after the first deposit to gain the free bet and refunded bet version

These sites stipulate games that you can use them on, so you need to study this

They also come with conditions on how many times you can wager them before you can withdraw them

There may be restrictions on the number of events or odds that you must wager them on

They all come with an expiry date, revealing their validity period

They all have wagering requirements, which may instruct you to bet 10 get 10 more


The welcome bonus is one of the best sports betting bonuses that attract players to sites. In football betting, people have won large amounts with these free bets. They come without the normal risks that accompany your deposits.

In Nigeria, they dole them out generously and do not have ridiculous conditions around them. So, we encourage you to take advantage of these promotions on Nigerian betting sites and enjoy what they offer in free bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

No particular betting site has this. Check the ones we have reviewed and pick the conditions that you fancy.

You can withdraw your free bet offers through your withdrawal method in the casino, but only when you have met the play-through conditions.

It is a simple process, and most casinos stipulate them on their sites. Some sites will even guide you through pop-ups.