Bet Sites with Highest Odds in Nigeria

In sports betting, the odds determine what the bookmaker is offering and what the punter is buying. The bookmakers establish the odds or prices for each market at a sporting event.

There are different types of betting odds in Nigeria and other parts of the world. While some bookies may allow you to choose the betting odds you want to wager with, others offer just one type.

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However, you have to understand the betting odds to succeed in online sports betting. You can’t shop for sports lines successfully if you do not comprehend what you see when you look at the betting odds set by bookmakers in the Nigerian betting arena.

What Are Betting Odds

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Many people offer different definitions of betting odds. However, betting odds in Nigeria reflect the chances or probabilities that a particular outcome will happen in a sporting event.

When bookmakers in Nigerian establish the odds, they do it to reflect the likelihood of an outcome taking place. The fact that these bookers set the odds themselves is why we advise punters to shop for odds.

The odds represent a measure of the chances of an outcome coming through in a game. With the odds set on markets on these websites, you can work out how much to bet on a market. It also reveals what you will gain if you win any bet.

Generally, the three types of odds available in sports betting across the globe are American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds. However, betting sites in Nigeria work with decimal odds.

How Betting Odds Work In Nigeria

Because of the function of the odds in sports betting, outcomes that are not likely to happen will come with higher odds. So, you will need to bet less to win more.

Even money bets are events where the probability is about 50/50. Because of this, such markets will have about the same amount of odds for a win or loss.

However, events with higher probabilities of happening get the lowest odds. Here, you bet more to win lesser. It is the universal rule for odds in sports betting, and they apply to bet sites in Nigeria.

Decimal Odds in Nigerian Betting Sites

Almost all the sites that offer sports betting in Nigeria use decimal odds. It is the most common system of odds presentation in the country. They are also the most popular in the world. The popularity may be because people understand the decimal odds easily.

If you are here, you don’t have to deal with positive or negative signs in decimal odds. You also don’t have fractions to convert to arrive at the odds. These odds come in an easy-to-understand decimal format.

Example of Decimal Odds in Nigerian Betting Sites

Let’s say you have 1000 Naira to bet on a market on these betting sites with decimal odds. If you bet on an outcome with decimal odds of 3.3 with your 1000 Naira, you get a 3,300 Naira potential payout.

You arrive at this by multiplying 1000 by 3.3. Here, the original stake is part of your winnings when you succeed. So, here, you get a net profit of 2,300 Naira on the 1000 Naira wager.

So, if you consider a market with odds of 1.3 with the same format, you get a possible payout of 1,300 Naira. So, while we were betting less to win more on the 3.3 odds market, we were betting more to win less on the 1.3 odds market.

Why Compare Betting Odds in Nigeria

Now, comparing betting odds is more needed in Nigeria than anywhere else. This country arguably has the highest number of betting sites you can ever get. There are many indigenous bookmakers here.

International betting sites are also trooping in. It has been so since they discovered that Nigeria is a potent ground for betting activities. It makes the arena a beehive of activities.

Varying Odds in Betting Sites

While these sites offer similar services, they do not deliver them with the same odds. There could be variations in the odds on these websites. Among ten betting sites here, seven might have varying odds.

So, you don’t have to close your eyes and pay on the first odds you see. You need to compare and ensure that you get the best rates. That will lead to the highest possible returns.

Changes in Odds in Nigerian Bookmakers

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Apart from the best betting sites in Nigeria having different odds, their odds also change. A team valued at odds of 3.6 to win a game in the morning might see the odds drop down to 3.1 in the evening or a few hours before the game.

Meanwhile, the same team with odds of 3.5 to win in the morning may see it rise to 4.1 a few hours to the evening match in another bookmaker. A lot affects the odds on markets within a given time. So, you have to be on alert and shop as much as possible.

How to Choose the Best Betting Odds in Nigerian Betting Sites

There are procedures to pick the best betting odds. You have to start by selecting the sports you intend to bet on. When you are sure of where you want to invest your money, that’s when you should look at the odds.

The Process of Comparing Odds

When you sign up for football betting and click on the preferred market, it will bring up a window. This window will contain the odds for the market. Do the same thing on a similar market in other betting sites, and choose the odds you prefer.

While some of the big bookmakers in Nigeria may have high odds, some smaller or lesser-known competitors may also have better odds on particular markets. The strength of a bookmaker or betting site in Nigeria may not lie in a sport.

So, you may not find one with better odds on football all through. Their focus is always on particular markets.

Betting Odds Comparison Example

There is an English premier league game between Leicester City and Leeds United on the 5th of March. Here, the odds on the big betting sites in Nigeria look like this. We checked on the odds for Leicester to win the game, and this is what we got.

Leicester City vs. Leeds United

Betting sites in Nigeria Odds for Leicester to win

  • Bet9ja 1.80
  • 1xbet 1.83
  • Betway 1.82
  • 22bet 1.77
  • Melbet 1.83
  • Betbonanza 1.77

From this chart, we can see that the highest odds are 1.83 from 1xbet and Melbet, and the lowest are 1.77 from Betbonanza and 1.77 from 22bet. So, if you wish to wager with the best odds, you should choose Melbet or 1xbet.

Betting Odds for Different Sports in Nigeria

There are many reasons why you should create an account with several of these bookmakers for odds comparison. It is rare to see a betting site that offers better odds on all matches or games in a particular sporting event. We have also not seen one in Nigeria that has the best or almost the best lines in a market in all games.

What we experience more is varieties in odds for particular events. These platforms set these according to how they view the probability of the outcome happening. That is an important fact to bear in mind when shopping for odds.

How Best To Shop for Odds in Nigeria

In shopping for odds, the best way is to focus on particular markets and select the ones with the best lines from the bookmaker. We took a look at the English Premier League’s fixtures for this weekend, and got some results.

The result shows that the difference in the odds available in Nigeria lies in particular markets, not in sports or games. Below is the chart of the first five games of this weekend in the first four betting sites.

Let’s consider the odds on the winning markets for the home teams in the matches between Leicester and Leeds, Newcastle and Brighton, Liverpool and West Ham, and Burnley and Chelsea.

Betting sites – Leicester to win – Newcastle to win – Liverpool to win – Burnley to win

  • Bet9ja 1.80 2.72 1.32  7.60
  • 1xbet 1.83  2.7  1.34  7.5
  • Betway 1.82   2.70 1.30 7.0
  • Betbonanza 1.77   2.70   1.30 8.50

When you study this, you will see that the odds are scattered. So, to get the best of odds here, you have to go with 1xbet for Leicester to win, bet9ja for Newcastle to win, 1xbet for Liverpool to win, and Betbonanza for Burnley to win Chelsea.

That is a perfect example of odds shopping, and it is applicable in all sporting events in betting sites in Nigeria. Unfortunately, you can’t do this in accumulator bets.

Betting Sites with the Highest Odds in Nigeria

Our review has shown that 1xbet, for instance, has the best odds in two markets out of the four bookmakers. Betway has the lowest odds on three outcomes and the second-best odds on one.

So, for all four games, Betway has the lowest odds. With these results, we can say that the website with the best odds here is 1xbet, while the site with the worst odds is Betway.

Essential Things to Consider While Seeking For the Best of These Sites

Your journey in any of these platforms should not only involve the written odds. A bookmaker must be good in some essential areas before you start looking up their odds

Look for the betting site with best licensing. This is one essential criterion to choose.

After that, consider the bonuses. Things like the welcome bonus and other offers must be good enough. Check the size and the conditions. The welcome offer must be up to 100% match and with fewer conditions.

Live betting is one of the things to consider in bookmakers. Consider live streaming also because these sites are rated based on this. So, to be one of the best, you must offer these.

The betting sites with responsive customer service are hotcakes. One of the most important features of the best betting site should be to handle customers’ complaints fast.

Betting sites have to protect your data and funds with the highest level of SSL encryption to be among the best in online betting.

When it comes to game providers and games, they must work with the best too.


After our research, we can tell you that there is no single betting site with the highest odds in Nigeria. When you shop for lines in betting sites with best lines in the country, you discover one thing. These sites can have better odds on different markets.

It is almost impossible to see a site that has the best lines on all markets in a game or all games in particular sports. So, you have to shop across different betting sites for odds on markets.

Are you ready? Do you want to bet on markets with great odds. Sites in Nigeria are ready to help you cash out.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the sites we reviewed use the decimal odds system.

Yes, they will help you compare the odds and reveal the best to you. It saves you time.

You may need to sign up for different bookies to get the best lines on events.

No, you have to surf around.