Best Casino Betting Apps

Nigeria is a place where betting is booming at the moment, and we can attribute that to many reasons. Some people went into the betting arena in Nigeria because of the desire to win money. A few joined because of the thrills of predicting the outcome of events in their favorite sport. Some are in it because of the entertainment, while others want to show their knowledge of sports and other games.

The entire world is moving away from using desktops to smaller devices. This shift is because everybody wants a gadget they can use on the go. This trend is also applicable to betting in Nigeria.

There are many betting sites in Nigeria. However, they are all aware that more than 90% of their customers prefer to bet on the go. So, most of them also have betting apps that people can download and use.

The Best Betting Apps in Nigeria

After a detailed review and trials of the prevalent betting apps in Nigeria, we have come out with a list. This list contains the best betting apps. They are those apps that offer the best of services with unique features. They are;


bet9ja 1024x538 1

This bookmaker is a household name in online sports betting in Nigeria. The Bet9ja betting app is popular and elegant, with deep green and red background colors. Even though this is rich in color, it does not lag. Navigation is easy, and itโ€™s user-friendly.

You will enjoy a 100% welcome bonus up to 100,000 Naira here. The betting app also allows players to enjoy live streaming on it. It is one of the most used apps in Nigeria.


22bet online betting companies in the world 1 2

These may be among the oldest betting apps when it comes to Nigeria betting. They have been used in Europe for a long time before the firm delved into the Nigerian market. They have iOS and Android mobile betting apps. These come with many sports and casino gaming options. They simple and easy to use apps, and you can live stream on them. You can enjoy live betting on the betting apps too.


1xbet logo

1xbet betting app is one of the best in Nigeria 2023. This company has an android app but does not have that of iOS. Punters can enjoy poker, bingo, lotto, sports betting, and virtual betting on the app.

The design and user interface of the apps are excellent. Registration is easy, and there are lots of bonuses and promotions. Lots of features, like accumulator and cash-out, are available here.

100% up to โ‚ฆ25,000



Many people will say that Betwayโ€™s android and iOS mobile betting apps are the highest in Nigeria and some countries in Europe. The betting site has dedicated apps for both operating systems. Many people see them as the best betting apps out there. They consume fewer data and are user-friendly.

They have an excellent user interface and design. There are many bonuses and payment methods, and the apps load faster than the website. The customer support on the apps is responsive. There is a wide range of sports and games to play. You can enjoy free streaming on Betway TV, and they give bonus and promotion notifications to players.

100% Up To โ‚ฆ100,000



Melbet has android and iOS apps for betting in Nigeria. To get the android version, you should go to the website. However, you can find the iOS version on the Apple App Store.

They are all designed for easy betting, and they have a lot of markets and payment options. Top-notch customer support is their hallmark. The apps are also safe and secure.

100% Bonus Up To โ‚ฆ111,000



Many people respect this mobile betting site. They do not have any downloadable mobile app for android or iOS. However, they have a mobile web app or mobile-optimized website where people can enjoy games. All you need is to log in and enjoy your games on the site.

What Are Betting Apps

Betting apps are special applications developed by software engineers for the sole purpose of allowing people to place bets on their mobile devices. Betting sites in Nigeria allow their customers to download, launch, and place bets on these apps.

Why are Mobile Betting Apps in Nigeria So Popular?

There are many advantages to the use of mobile betting apps. These are the reasons why online betting is transitioning to these apps. These apps have become popular over the years, and these betting sites do not want to be left behind. Below are some benefits of using these apps:

  • A mobile betting app offers you all you need to place a bet on your palm.
  • You can check the scores and results of games on the betting apps.
  • You can bet anywhere and at any time.
  • You donโ€™t need to be in front of a computer system to bet with a betting app.
  • Some of the Mobil betting apps in Nigeria offer exclusive bonuses to their users.
  • You can wager on the go, at work, or even at home.
  • You can bet on a flight, on the train, or inside the bus.

Types of Mobile Betting In Nigeria

You can enjoy mobile betting in Nigeria through 2 different avenues. They include a dedicated mobile app or a mobile browser. The best betting sites in Nigeria offer mobile betting through these two avenues.

Some optimize their betting sites for mobile so that people can sign in and bet on the sites. They design these with mobile specifications and features. It makes them compatible with mobile devices.

Some others like bet9ja, 1960bet, and 22bet decided to create specially dedicated mobile apps for people to download and bet. However, our review of betting apps in Nigeria will focus on downloadable mobile betting apps.

Types of Mobile Betting Apps in Nigeria

There are four major types of betting apps from betting sites in Nigeria.  Serious platforms try to make sure they have apps for the four major operating systems. So, you have the Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry apps.

Android Betting Apps

This is the most popular of all of them. It is the first app that every betting site in Nigeria throws out there. Android remains the most popular and most widely used operating system.

Betting apps for Android are usually of top-notch quality, and they are the most used in Nigeria. You can download them from the bookmakerโ€™s website or the Google play store.

Apple Betting Apps

Apple devices are the second most used here. Nigeria is a developing country, so only the elites can afford Apple devices. Most betting sites in the country have Apple betting apps for iPhones, ipads, Apple watches, and other iOS devices. You can download them from the app store or the betting sites.

Windows Betting Apps

Another popular betting app you will witness from most of the betting sites in Nigeria is the betting app for windows devices. This is for the users of Windows phones and tablets. Many people will say that they are below the first two in popularity, but they are becoming more popular by the day. In Nigeria, you can always download this from the betting site or the web.

Blackberry Betting Apps

This is one of the mobile betting apps that boomed in the past. However, blackberry has failed in the smartphone technology sector. They are about phasing out their smartphone offerings. People that use their devices can still download blackberry apps for betting and enjoy games with them before they phase them out.

How to Download Mobile Betting Apps in Nigeria

There are two main ways to get apps on your mobile devices. They include the store of the operating system or from the betting site. We will explain how to download the two most popular betting apps in the country. They are the android and iOS betting apps.

How to Download an Android Mobile Betting App

You can get an android betting app from the web or from the betting site that owns it. This is because the Google Play Store does not allow people to download gambling or betting apps from their site.

However, to go ahead with the download, you need to get to the Settings tab on your android phone and permit it to accept apps that are not from the Google Play Store. Get to your Menu โ€“ Settings โ€“ Security and enable Unknown Sources. However, you have to ensure that you are getting the betting app from a secure source. To do this;

  • Get to the operator you want to use
  • Find the app you want to download
  • Click on download
  • Click accept and continue
  • Confirm the action to install the app
  • Run and open the app on your device
  • Start betting on the betting app

How to Download an iOS Betting App

Downloading a mobile betting app on an Apple device entails a much simpler step. All you need to do is get to the app store, find the app you want to download, and get on with it.  When you have the app on your phone, you can register on it if you do not have an existing account or log into your account if you have one.

How to Sign Up On Mobile Betting Apps in Nigeria

For all the best betting sites in Nigeria, you must register an account and sign up before they allow you to play games. On these sites, you can only play games with your log-in details. Some will allow you to register on the betting app you downloaded if you do not have an existing account.

For some others, you must register an account on their site and use it to bet on the app. Registration on the app is easy. They have instructions and pop-ups that you need to follow for registration and verification of your account. They may verify you through an email address or a text message.

Regulations and Legal Status of Betting Apps in Nigeria

Some law-abiding citizens will always ask if betting on these apps in Nigeria is legal. This is a valid question that needs an answer. The truth is that once a betting company in Nigeria gets a license from the lottery commission of Nigeria to offer betting and gambling services, they can offer these through any means.

These include texts, the web, or physical shops. So, once you check and see that the betting site that owns the betting app in Nigeria has a license from the national or state body, betting on their apps is legal.

Types of Bets on the Best Betting Apps in Nigeria

The best betting sites in Nigeria try to cover as many services as possible on their betting apps. One of the reasons why people choose a mobile betting app over another is the number of things they can do on the site. We noticed that some betting services are prevalent on the betting apps in Nigeria. We have explained them below;

Sports Betting

You will not be wrong if you refer to these as sports betting apps. That is because sports betting is the most popular service on these apps. It takes a big chunk of whatever they offer. On these sites, you can wager on all types of sporting activities. They include soccer, football, basketball, tennis, wrestling, baseball, handball, skiing, skating, etc.

Live or In-Play Sports

The mobile betting apps in Nigeria allow their customers to wager on ongoing games. While the games are on, you can log into your app, choose actions and markets you think will still take place in the games, and wager on them. You win once those results take place, whether the games are still on or not. You will enjoy this service in almost all the betting apps in Nigeria.

Casino Gaming

On some Nigerian mobile betting apps, you can also enjoy casino titles. Some of them offer slot machines for lovers of slots. In some, you will also enjoy table and card games like Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Scratch Cards, Blackjack, Bingo, Slingo, and others.

Virtual Games

Some of these sites also offer virtual sports betting on their apps. They cover different virtual games, especially those on offer on their website. Players can place their bets and watch as the games unfold on their apps.


To satisfy all and ensure that people get to do what they enjoy doing, some of the best betting apps in Nigeria have also gone a step further. They also offer esports events on mobile. So, players have the chance to wager on Dota, League of Legends, and other esports leagues and games on mobile apps.

Live Casino

While this may be a feature, it is also a service. The best mobile betting sites in Nigeria try to give players the chance to enjoy the real deal. That is why they also offer live casino games. They include live versions of slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, and other games.

They give players who want to experience the dealers and players as they do their thing the chance to do that. They stream these live casino games through several means and have the chance to interact with the dealer and other players on their mobile devices.

Bonuses Found On Nigerian Betting Apps

One thing that can make you the best betting app is the type, size, and the number of bonuses you offer. So, no betting app in Nigeria jokes with this. On these mobile platforms, you will enjoy a lot of bonus offers. While some are available on their websites, others are unique to the apps.

So, if you are among the players that wonder if these apps offer the same bonuses as the sites, worry no more. Our review shows that they have even more. Some of the online bookmaker offers available on these betting apps are:

  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Free Bets
  • Free Cash
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Enhanced Odds
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • VIP offers

Features of Mobile Betting Apps in Nigeria

Some features place betting apps from betting sites in Nigeria among the best. So, when you are searching for betting apps to play games in Nigeria, you need to look out for these features.

Cash Out

You can enjoy this feature on the best mobile betting apps in Nigeria. It allows you to end the bets and take your gain or cut down your loss at any time. Immediately after placing your bet and in the middle of it, the app gives you a cash-out opportunity based on the state of the markets. That allows you to end it and go with whatever you have at the moment.

Accumulator Boost

Accumulator Boost is also available to those who bet on the best betting apps in Nigeria. You get this when you select up to 5 games or markets in an accumulator bet. From the 5th selection forward, you get a 5% bonus boost. They calculate the total add it to the possible winnings on the apps.

One Game Cut

One Game Cut is another feature you will enjoy on these Nigerian betting apps. Here, you wonโ€™t lose the entire bet if one selection fails. If the other games or markets in the accumulator succeed and only one fails, you will still win something. The bookmaker calculates the odds of the winning selections and pays you out. That prevents you from losing it all because of one market.

Chance Bet

Chance Bet has some semblance with the cut one bet, though it pays much less than cut one. Most of these betting apps offer this, and it helps you avoid losing everything when one selection fails. When you have up to eleven selections with odds of up to 1.30 on the app, you will get a 10% of the total possible winning if one fails.

Edit Your Bet

This beautiful feature of the betting sites in Nigeria is also available on their apps. However, you can only see this on the best mobile betting apps. It gives you the chance to edit your already placed bets. Through chance bet, you can increase your bet amount. You can also add more games and reduce some.

Bet Builder

You will also enjoy the Bet Builder feature on these betting apps. This feature helps you combine lots of selections from the same sporting event on a single ticket. You will enjoy a unique outcome with big odds by combining different markets from a particular game or event on the same slip.

Customer To Customer Transfer

The best betting apps in Nigeria inherited this from their parent betting sites. With your app on your palm, you can transfer some funds or credits to other accounts on the same app. You can help them place bets, even when they do not have funds.

How to Choose a Mobile Betting App in Nigeria

It is good to discuss the most important things to consider when selecting an app for betting in Nigeria. Things like bonuses, the number of games on offer, and customer service are essential features to look for.

However, there are four main must-haves for any modern-day betting app to be among the best. In most cases, these are features of the outstanding ones. Also, it is not only about the apps having these features. How well do they offer them? They have to work well before you rate the apps highly. You must search for these things on any betting site before selecting them.


Reliability should be one of the conveniences that mobile betting offers. So, the mobile betting app you choose in Nigeria must not deny you this. If the app crashes in the middle of a betting exercise, it defeats the aim. Check for the reliability and loading speed of the app. Speed is essential here because you can lose if you snooze.

Platform Compatibility

Platform compatibility is another essential feature to check before you pick an app. Every good app must support a wide range of mobile phones. People have varying tests on mobile phones, and site builders must consider this. You may also need to use different phones to wager. The divergence comes in here. It must be compatible with and accommodate many different types of mobile phones.

Social Elements

Social elements seem to be the in-thing now. So, mobile betting apps in Nigeria should support this. The apps must come with some social features that will allow bettors to engage their friends and other bettors. This could include sharing slips, transferring funds, chatting, and others. Bettors prefer mobile betting apps in Nigeria with social features.


Security is the next thing to consider about a betting app in Nigeria before you pick it. Of course, you have to be sure the app is not corrupt and does not mine your information. This is to avoid getting exposed to cyber-attacks through the app. You have funds and data that need protection on the app. So they must employ the highest level of SSL encryption to safeguard all these.

Banking Methods in the Best Betting Apps in Nigeria

We make bold to say that all the banking methods available for deposits and withdrawals on these sites are also available on their apps. It is faster and easier to deposit in Nigeria. That is because there are many methods to use. Though you can use multiple methods for withdrawals, the best and most prevalent is bank transfers.

The banking methods for the best betting apps are:

  • Quickteller
  • Webpay
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay-Direct
  • Polaris Collect
  • Flutterwave
  • FirstMonie
  • UBA Emailmoni
  • Paystack
  • Opay
  • WebPAY, Gtpay


A review of these apps in Nigeria for sports betting shows that they have done well. Considering how long they have been in this business, most of these apps are doing well.

betting site in Nigeria with a good welcome bonus is one of the best you can ask for. Add a workable app, responsive customer service, and an easy-to-use interface, and you should be glad. They are all versatile in what they offer, and we recommend them.

FAQs on Sports Betting Apps

Some of the apps like Betway and Bet365 offer live streaming services in Nigeria 2021

No, they are all free. If any site asks you to pay money to get a betting app in Nigeria, run. Itโ€™s not genuine.

Yes, you can play casino games like slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, and even live games on these online sports betting apps.

Read our reviews, and according to what they offer, you can choose the best iOS or android app for Nigeria betting for you.