Merrybet Codes and Odds

Merrybet is an online gambling site that has been making expansions in Nigeria with the aim of bringing an avenue for gambling entertainment through sports betting in the country. Merrybet has a reputation of being one of the best and trusted online gambling platform serving multiple sport gambling services and offers a good list of all time favorite sports in the world to Nigeria.

This online sports betting company still remains the fastest paying betting company in Nigeria for customers betting on sports online. It only takes a few hours (less than 24 hrs) to withdraw your winnings from your Merrybet account to your bank account. Merrybet is highly recommended for those players who bet using their mobile phones or laptop. Players are also allowed to place bets on matches or game that are still on-going.

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How Merrybet Codes and Odds Work

Merrybet works along with codes which allow its users to get access with the rest of the site’s features such as booking a bet, adding bet slips and more. The codes used in betting sites are a combination of letters and numbers that are used to identify each match selected. Odds, on the other hand, are linked to matches which will determine your probability of winning or losing.

Each game that is listed on Merrybet online betting site is using codes to identify them. Betting can be done on both online and offline. However, regardless of where the players decide to place their bets on sports, players must still secure booking codes in order to place a bet on either the online or offline betting platform.

Originally, players secure codes online in order for their agents to use it in searching for the games online that the players selected to bet from in order to avoid crowd especially in betting shops. This used to be the simple way to make selections from Merrybet before taking it offline to stake your bet.

Fortunately, in the present, players can just use the book a betting feature on the Merrybet website to generate a booking number which can either be used both online and offline. The codes and odds are available on the Merrybet betting site for punters to access. All there need to do is to visit the betting site and search for the list of today’s matches codes and odds.

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Merrybet Promotional Code Requirements

One of the interesting promotions of Merrybet that it offers its players is the cash back bonus. Merrybet offers its player a 5% cash back bonus that is valid for 24 hrs after being activated. In order to activate the promotional offer, a cash back promo code is a need. Here’s how to get cash back promo code:

  • For online users, punters can go to History on their Merrybet accounts, click on bet slip to view the details and the cash back code that can be used to claim the cashback bonus.
  • For offline users, the cash back code can be found on the bet slip given by the agent on Merrybet shops.

Before players may take advantage of the cash back bonus, here are some of the requirements needed in order for punters to be qualified for the bonus:

  • Users must first sign up for a Merrybet Account and complete the required Merrybet registration process.
  • Users must place a qualifying bet of not less than ₦200. It must be an accumulator with a minimum of 5 games each with minimum odd of 1.50 or greater.
  • For the bonus to activate the accumulator bet, the bet must be lost by just one game with only one wager to have been chosen incorrectly. If the bet is lost twice or more on the betting slip, the bonus will not apply.
  • The Merrybet Promotional Code must be retrieved from the betting history on your account and be used in the Cashback Section of the site.

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Predicting and Using Odds to Win

Odds tell the players the probability of their chosen bet to win and it also determines how much a player would most likely to win or lose. The odds are translated into payouts wherein players can choose to bet for the minimum or the maximum odd. The result with the minimum odd is one that is most likely to turn out in the game wherein it has the least risk, thus, offering the lowest payout. The maximum odd is the exact opposite of the minimum odd. The result of this one is one that is the least to happen, thus, having a higher risk but offers the highest payouts.

The thing about sports betting is that results can always be predicted depending on the odds of how matches turn out. Odds can be predicted and are the helpful basis as to which team to bet on. As a punter, this is the best advantage to gain an advantage to win. There are in fact, various sites that calculate the odds of upcoming matches; however, these sites may impose charges.

If you are a bettor who wants to be smart about how much you put in on betting, you might just want to do your own research and formulate your games’ odds free of charge. You can decide which team to bet on by doing a little background check of the team’s track records. There are in fact a lot of factors that affect a team’s odds of winning – team motivation and spirit, fan support, player profile, teamwork, past opponents; reputation and win history are some information to look at when choosing a team to bet at.

Codes and Meaning

1 – refers to a stake on the Home team Win

X – refers to a Draw in the betting coupon

2- refers to a stake on the Away team Win

1XDC – Home Win or Draw

12DC – Any Team Win

X2DC – Away Win or Draw

OV2.5 – Over 2.5 ( Minimum if 3 Goals both teams)

UN2.5  – Under 2.5 ( Less than 3 Goals both teams)

GG – Both Teams to Score Each other