Online Banking as a Payment Method

Becoming a Trend: Online Banking

When it comes to banking and fulfilling financial obligations such as paying off bills, making purchases, funding activities such as online casinos, the trend today is Online Banking. You can pay your bills and monitor all your transactions all at the same time without having to leave your precious home.

Top Banks Serving Quality Internet Banking in Nigeria

With Nigeria being avid fans of sports betting and casino gaming, having a fast and reliable means of fund transfer is important.

Here are some Top Banks in Nigeria that offer quality online banking:

GT Bank

  • One of the major banks in Nigeria
  • GTBank Mobile App that lets you access your bank account wherever you go
  • Can easily check your balance, purchase flight tickets, pay bills, shop, and transfer money without having to leave your home
  • Through mobile, you can perform transactions easily and securely


  • Allows users to view the balances of their accounts.
  • Allows purchasing airtime and data bundles
  • Money transfer
  • Allows users to view transaction history to better manage finances.
  • Can be used to pay off bills
  • Help manage debit/ credit cards
  • Verify transaction securely by using self-selected PIN and tokens
  • Can link your profile to a device using PIN or Token

Zenith Bank

  • Offers real-time transaction information and account balances
  • Allows account holders to make transactions or money transfer to other banks
  • Includes a feature that helps clients track their expenses and check their savings


  • Money transfers to any Zenith accounts as well as to other banks
  • Real-time transactions
  • Allows processing of cheques online
  • Fast and easy paying off bills
  • You can purchase airline tickets, and other goods online
  • Secure banking
  • Can add or delete beneficiaries
  • Allows clients to update info anytime

Diamond Bank

  • Comprehensive list of online banking features that Nigerians can benefit from
  • Includes additional features that can make your account more personalized and secure
  • Works on a modern mobile app so you can access the bank features wherever you are


  • Transfer funds within Diamond Ban and to other banks
  • Fast and Secure Bill Payments and transaction
  • Can Switch on or off debit cards
  • Blackberry BIS Subscription
  • Can be used to pay airline tickets and events and movie tickets and other goods and service
  • Allows request of account statement
  • Processes cheques

Fidelity Bank

  • Has has stood the test of time
  • Maintains its commitment to delivering professional and high-quality financial services to its clients
  • Offers its clients with fine management of finances and transactions


  • Transfers funds to other accounts without the using tokens
  • Transfers funds to any account in any banks in Nigeria
  • Uses Biometric/ Fingerprint Authentication for easy log in
  • Allows clients to view all details on their account
  • Users can personalize their profiles
  • Manage beneficiaries for funds transfer
  • Can use it to pay bills and purchase goods
  • Generates account statement

First Bank of Nigeria

  • Dedicated to meet their client’s needs and satisfaction when it comes to quality and reliable financial services
  • Dedicated its services to become a national symbol in Nigeria with a large customer base


  • Allows fund transfer from bank to bank
  • Allows fast transaction on bills payments
  • Card management
  • Allows full account overview to clients

What is so great about Online Banking?


Online banking is open 24/7. When you need to have a transaction done ASAP, it is definitely possible with online banking. Instead of you going to the bank, the bank goes along with you.

More Services

With online banking, you get more services offered. These may include, loan calculators, forecasting tools to help you manage finances, budgeting features and many more that lets you have control over your expenses and savings.

Direct Cash Transfers

Your account can be funded via the electronic transfer. You can also send funds to other accounts even with other banks using the app offered by the bank you are using.

Easy to Use

The concept of online banking is definitely easy to grasp. It is also quite easy to make an official and valid account over the internet rather than the traditional way.


Transaction Issues

Transaction issues including online system glitches, resolving such is much better and more direct when done the traditional way. While customer service online is available, addressing account concerns can be addressed immediately and thoroughly offline.

Security Issues

Although online banks have strong firewalls and use high-end technology to avoid any glitches and hacking on their system, security will always remain a threat to any services surrounding the Internet.

Extra Charges

Banks may issue additional charges for every transaction made. This may come from conversion rates, processing charges, tax and etc.