Install the Wazobet app on your mobile device to begin enjoying a top-notch Nigeria betting app.

Do you want a high-quality Nigerian betting app for your smartphone? We’ve found the ideal option for you.

Wazobet is a great app for all of your betting needs, and it comes highly recommended by Nigerian players.

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Why should you download the Wazobet app?

Nigerian bettors have a plethora of betting applications to choose from. In Nigeria, there are well over 30 legal betting applications.

So, what makes the Wazobet app so appealing?

The Wazobet app, as its name suggests, is a Nigerian betting app owned by Nigerians and designed specifically for Nigerian bettors.

Wazobet knows the basic wants and appetites of Nigerian bettors better than many other betting applications in the country and has built a world-class betting app to suit all of those needs.

The Wazobet app checks all the boxes, from the UI to the sportsbook; odds to bonuses. It’s tidy and simple to operate.


There is one little issue in the Wazobet app, despite its many positive features. On iOS, the app isn’t available. Only Android users will be able to utilize it.

We contacted Wazobet customer service to find out why this is the case, and they told us that an app for iOS users would be released soon.

However, for iOS users, this isn’t the end of the world.

If you have an iOS phone, you may still use the Wazobet mobile site to play Wazobet on your phone.

The mobile site is fully tailored to fit any device and includes all of the features of the main site and the mobile app.

How to Install the Wazobet App

Are you eager to get your hands on the Wazobet app? I had the same thought! Don’t worry; the Wazobet app will soon be on your phone. We’ll teach you how to get the Wazobet app on your phone or tablet.

Please keep in mind that the Wazobet app is currently only accessible for Android smartphones.

You must also have a Wazobet account before you can download the Wazobet app to your device.

To get the Wazobet app, you must first register with Wazobet. It’s pretty simple to sign up. To create a Wazobet account, simply follow the instructions outlined below.


  • To sign up for Wazobet, simply click the button below.
  • Choose your chosen method of registration (by mobile phone number or by email)
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Confirm that you are over the age of 18 and that you agree to the Wazobet terms and conditions.
  • At the bottom of the registration form, click “Open Account.”
  • Wazobet will establish your account right away.
  • You can now download the Wazobet app on your mobile device once you’ve created your Wazobet account.


Are you an Android user? You’ve struck it rich. That’s because the Wazobet app is simple to install on your mobile device.

Wazobet has a high-quality Android mobile app with a variety of useful features and capabilities.

The Wazobet app includes additional features to the main site that make mobile betting even more engaging and fulfilling.

To get the Wazobet app, go to the Wazobet mobile site and download it.

The Google Playstore is where most Android users receive their apps, but that is not the case with betting apps like Wazobet.

In Nigeria, the Playstore does not presently support betting apps.


Do not be alarmed if you come across the term Wazobet Apk while browsing. It works similarly to the Wazobet Android app. An android application bundle is referred to as an “apk.”

Whether it’s referred to as the Wazobet app or the Wazobet apk, the two terms mean the same thing and can be interchanged.

Wazobet Apk Download

Right. Let us now demonstrate how to obtain the Wazobet apk.

Follow the instructions below to download the app to your device:

  • To visit the Wazobet site on your mobile device, click the “Download Wazobet App” button below.
  • Log in to your Wazobet account (if you don’t already have one, go here to learn how to set one up).
  • To access the menu options, click the three horizontal bars on the left side of your Wazobet home screen.
  • Select “Wazobet App” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Download” from the drop-down menu. The Wazobet app will begin to download.
  • A notification will appear at the bottom of your screen when the download is complete. After that, you should begin installing the program.
  • To open the downloaded apk file, click “Open.”
  • When prompted to install the app, select “Install.” On your phone, the installation process will begin.
  • You will be notified once the app has been installed.
  • After that, you may start utilizing one of Nigeria’s best betting apps by launching the app.

Wazobet App

Is the Wazobet app secure?

With so many viruses and bugs circulating on the Internet, it’s reasonable if you’re wary of downloading apps for your smartphone.

Well, we can assure you that the Wazobet app is entirely safe to use on your smartphone. There are no flaws in the app that could harm your device.

It’s smooth and simple to operate. In addition, the Wazobet app uses very little energy and data.

The software has been completely tuned to ensure a safe and entertaining mobile betting experience.


Still, have questions regarding the Wazobet app? Maybe you’re still undecided about whether or not to sign up and download.

This section of our essay will address all of your concerns and dispel any worries you might have.

We conducted a full and unbiased study and analysis of the Wazobet app, as we do with other betting apps we come across.

In our Wazobet app review, we’ve analyzed everything from the app’s design to the quality of the sportsbook; deposit choices to betting features.

Relax as we reveal all of our findings to you on the Wazobet app.

The Wazobet app’s prominent green-colored motif is the first thing that strikes you about it. Given that Wazobet is a legitimate Nigerian betting app, this isn’t surprising.

Nigeria’s national colors are green and white, with green being the more dominating of the two.

The Wazobet app boasts a smooth, user-friendly interface, making it ideal for beginners.

A slider at the top of the Wazobet app displays the app’s most recent promotions. On the Wazobet app, you may take advantage of promotions such as Weekly Cash Back and Wednesday Boost.

As you scroll down the Wazobet app home page, you’ll come across sections such as “Best Odds,” which is a collection of games with the best betting odds from the Wazobet app sportsbook, virtual sports, casino, and live casino.

The Wazobet app’s home page has been built so that you may quickly access the various sections of the app.


The Wazobet app sportsbook features a diverse range of sports and events from across the world.

Over 20 sports are available in the sportsbook, including football (of course! ), tennis, basketball, Formula 1 racing, and all of our other favorites.

They also have esports like counter strike and league of legends.

Simply select “Sports” from the horizontal menu bar near the top of the Wazobet app home page to access the sportsbook.

The sports are organized in a horizontal menu at the sportsbook. To see all of the sports featured in the Wazobet app sportsbook, scroll to the left.


The Wazobet app sportsbook features the following sports:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Aussie Rules
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Snooker
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Beach Soccer
  • Formula One
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • Dota 2
  • Counter Strike
  • League of Legends
  • StarCraft
  • Pesapallo

Depositing money on Wazobet app

You must first deposit money into the Wazobet app sportsbook before you can begin betting.

Wazobet makes money in this manner. Betting isn’t a free game!

Yes, bonuses and promotions can occasionally provide you with free cash and free bets, but you will almost always need to fill your account in order to place bets on the app.

It’s simple to make a deposit with the Wazobet app.

They accept our Naira (of course; it’s a Nigerian betting app) and offer a variety of deposit options.

The Wazobet app accepts the following deposit methods:

  1. Bank Cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Verve)
  2. Bank Online Transfer
  3. Instant Bank Transfer
  4. OPay Wallet
  5. USSD Bank Transfer
  6. *737# GTBank USSD
  7. Quickteller
  8. Visa QR

How to Deposit Money on Wazobet App

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to fund your Wazobet account.

  • From your mobile device, open the Wazobet app.
  • Log in to your account on the Wazobet app.
  • On the upper right-hand corner of the website, click the yellow “Deposit” button.
  • Choose your preferred mode of payment.
  • Fill in the relevant information as well as the deposit amount.
  • Click the “Pay” button. The Wazobet app will most likely redirect you to a payment gateway where you can finish your purchase.
  • Complete your transaction and confirm it.

Your Wazobet account will be automatically credited.


You can get your welcome bonus on the app whether you join on the Wazobet website or on the mobile app.

To qualify for your bonus, simply make a deposit into your new Wazobet account.

New Wazobet app users are eligible for a 110 percent initial deposit incentive up to N55,000 on their first deposit.

How to obtain your Wazobet app welcome bonus

It’s important to note that your welcome bonus will remain in your bonus account until you’ve met the offer’s wagering requirements.

You will be able to transfer your bonus to your main account once you have completed these prerequisites. The bonus can then be withdrawn or used to place bets on the Wazobet app.


  • You must make a successful first deposit of at least N100 into your Wazobet account to be eligible for this offer. This offer does not apply to subsequent deposits.
  • You must gamble the bonus amount five times in sports betting multiple bets, with at least four events per bet.
  • Each event must have odds of at least 1.35.
  • The maximum bonus is N55000.
  • The bonus will expire 30 days after it is activated. On the “My Bonus” area, the active badge will appear on the top right of the bonus.


Boost on Wednesday

On Wednesdays, deposit money into the Wazobet app and gain up to a 100% deposit bonus.

Cash Back on Saturday

Between Sunday and Friday, you can get a return of up to 12% on your deposits. So, if you make a deposit on the Wazobet app between Sunday and Friday, you’ll get a 12 percent payback on Saturday!

Bonus on your birthday

Another excellent addition from Wazobet is the birthday incentive, which rewards loyal and consistent customers with birthday gifts!

Bonus for Accumulators

The more games you add to your accumulator, the higher your bonus and the bigger your potential winnings are with the Wazobet app accumulation bonus.


Can’t wait to get your hands on the Wazobet app and start betting? You’re almost finished. Wazobet provides a really cool sportsbook, as we noted earlier, with a variety of sports and betting choices.

You can be sure of a great betting experience when you use the Wazobet app.

How to Use the Wazobet App to Place Bets

This section is for you if you are new to the betting game and want to learn how to place a bet on the Wazobet app.

You may leave the newcomers to us if you already know your way around a sportsbook and betslip.

You can stay and learn how to bet on the Wazobet app if you’ve placed a few bets before but need a refresher course.

  • Open the Wazobet app.
  • Sign in to your Wazobet account.
  • From the Wazobet app’s top horizontal menu, select “Sports.”
  • Choose the sport on which you want to wager.
  • Go to the competition or event you wish to bet on and click on it.
  • For navigation, use the filters at the upper right of the sportsbook.

The “Top Offer” filter displays the most important matches of the day as well as upcoming matches from other days.

You can choose a country and then a competition or league from that country using the “A – Z” filter.

If you wish to wager on the English Premier League, for example, go to the A – Z dropdown menu and choose “England.” You will be able to watch all of the available English Premier League matches.

wazobet app 14

  • When you’ve discovered the event you’d want to wager on, select the odds that correspond to your forecasts.
  • At the bottom of the page, your pick will be added to a betslip.
  • On the Wazobet app, you can add several events to your betslip.
  • When you’ve finished making your choices, go to the bottom of the page and click the betslip.
  • Put down your bet. The minimum bet is N50.
  • “Pay In” should be selected.
  • You have placed a wager on the Wazobet app with success.


The Wazobet app, like many great betting applications, offers a bustling live betting section where you can bet on matches that are actively being played.

On the Wazobet app, you may wager on a number of sports. Football, being the king of all sports, is extremely popular, but tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, snooker, darts, and a variety of other sports are also accessible.

In their in-play section, they even provide esports live betting.

It’s quite easy to place a live bet using the Wazobet app.

The method of live betting on the app is fairly identical to that of pre-match betting.

Click “Live Bet” from the top horizontal menu to access the Wazobet app’s live betting page.

A horizontal bar towards the top of the live betting website displays a list of live sports. The icons of the sports are used to represent them.

To place a live wager on any sport, click the icon to see all of the current live matches. You can then choose any event and place your bets in the same way that you would for a pre-match wager.


One of the most crucial elements in online sports betting is the ability to cash out. Punters want to know if they can cash out before joining up for a betting app. The Wazobet app, on the other hand, has fantastic cash out feature.

So, whenever you feel your wager isn’t going your way, or you want to cash out early on your bet, you may utilize the Wazobet app’s pay-out option to call it a day and collect your winnings.

You have more control over your bets with the Wazobet app’s generous cash out option.


Have you grown tired of sports betting? Maybe that’s where your luck isn’t shining? You could try your luck on the Wazobet casino app.

The Wazobet casino app has over 2000 casino games, putting it among the best of Nigerian online casinos.

Wazobet’s casino games are the most up-to-date on the market. Top suppliers such as Ezugi and Microgaming give them.

Wazobet is certainly serious about their online casino. On the app, they provide an impressive selection of casino games, including the top online slots, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, and more.

There is also a live casino where users can engage with real-life dealers and other players.

If you’re looking for an online casino in Nigeria, Wazobet is the place to go. You will not be sorry for making that decision!


Want to contact a Wazobet customer support representative via the app?

It’s quite simple!

The live chat option on the Wazobet app is the easiest and quickest way to contact customer service.

The Wazobet app’s live chat button is an orange button located in the bottom right corner.

When you press this button, you will be connected to a member of the Wazobet team, to whom you can direct all of your inquiries and concerns.

On the Wazobet app, you may also contact customer service using the following methods:

  • Telegram
  • Email
  • Facebook

To access these choices, pick “Contacts” from the three horizontal bars at the top left of the program.

Do you like what you’ve seen so far of the Wazobet app? Cool.

Why not download the app to your phone and see for yourself how amazing the Wazobet app is?


The Wazobet app is, of course, legal.

We wouldn't bother writing about it if it wasn't legal!

The Lagos State Lotteries Board has licenced Wazobet as a Nigerian betting platform (LSLB). The LSLB is one of Nigeria's largest and most renowned betting regulators.

To obtain a licence, Wazobet had to meet all of the requirements for operating freely in Nigeria.

If you had any questions regarding the legality of the Wazobet app, those doubts can finally be put to rest.

The app is legal, safe, and really useful.

The Wazobet app allows you to make a deposit. In a number of different ways.

Card deposits are the most popular deposit method among Nigerian gamblers.

All of our most popular ATM cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and Verve, are accepted by the Wazobet app.

Wazobet accepts online bank transfers, OPay, USSD, and Quickteller in addition to card deposits. When it comes to deposit choices, they are among the top betting apps in Nigeria.

For the time being, the Wazobet app is not available on iOS devices. That was also disappointing to us.

To take advantage of all of the Wazobet app's features, you must have an Android device.

This does not rule out the possibility of using Wazobet on an iOS device. You can access the Wazobet mobile site, which is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

For Android users, the Wazobet mobile site is a great alternative to the Wazobet app.

Hopefully, Wazobet will release proper software for iOS devices in the soon future.

Yes, you can use the Wazobet app to collect your bonus. You can get a 110 percent initial deposit bonus if you are a new customer. All you have to do is put money into your Wazobet account. Your bonus account will be credited with the welcome bonus. The wagering requirements must be met before the bonus may be withdrawn.

Aside from the welcome bonus for new clients, the Wazobet app features a number of attractive promotions for existing customers. Saturday Cash Back, Wednesday Boost, Accumulator Bonus, and many others are available.

Yes, the Wazobet app allows you to cash out. They provide an excellent cash out tool that allows you to have more control over your wager.

So, if you wish to cash out your bet before the end of the matches on the slip, you can do so by activating the cash out option.

Wazobet is a fantastic sportsbook that makes betting simple and pleasant. On a daily basis, they cover up to 20 sports and thousands of betting alternatives.

All you have to do to wager on the Wazobet app is join up, download the app, make a deposit, and start betting in the sportsbook.

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