Find out what the over/under 4.5 goals betting market is, what it means, how to place over/under 4.5 goals bets, and which betting sites have the best odds.

Betting Markets for Over/Under 4.5 Goals

For many bettors, the over and under goals betting market has become a popular choice. Many people, on the other hand, have no idea what it means to wager on the over/under in a game.

But don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough. When you bet on a game’s over/under, you’re predicting that the total goals scored by both teams will be more or fewer than the number of goals mentioned in the wager.

If a bookmaker shows a bet that looks like this in a contest, like Chelsea vs. Liverpool, take it.

  • 1.34 for over 4.5 goals
  • 2.33 under 4.5 goals

The match would then end with a total number of goals of five or more or four or fewer goals if you gambled on either choice. Let’s take a look at both circumstances.

Over 4.5 Goals are Explicitly Described

In a wager on over 4.5 goals, the bettor anticipates that both teams will score five or more goals. In our scenario, a player who bets on over 4.5 goals will win if both sides score five or more goals. Remember that the bet is only profitable if the games do not end in a tie.

Goals Under 4.5 Explained

Under 4.5 goals is the other wagering option. In this case, the player wagers that both teams would have scored 4 or fewer goals at the end of the game. Assume he was placing a wager on Chelsea vs. Liverpool. Both teams should score four goals or less. A bettor would also lose the bet if the game ended in a tie.

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